Why Lawyers Are Called Liars: See Reason

The question as to “Why lawyers are called liars“, is probably one of the hottest questions asked by law students and scholars around the world. Lawyers are prevalently known as people who are accustomed to lying. Well, this article is not meant to make fun of the legal profession, but to explain to you why lawyers are indeed, liars.


So, if you really want to know why lawyers are called liars, i enjoin you to read this short article carefully, as i will explain in details, why lawyers are known for lying.

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Why lawyers are liars

Lawyers are liars because, they always liar when carrying out their job as litigators. This is largely true, as even one of the rules of the profession (RPC), stipulates that all lawyers must handle the case of their clients competently (Not minding whether the client is right or wrong). I am not saying that Lawyers are forced to lie by their profession, but in other to get more clients and build more prestige, every lawyer must liar.

It is very possible to be a good lawyer without lying at all. But it is certainly impossible to be a successful lawyer without lying. This is because, every lawyer is looking for an opportunity to become more successful and popular in the profession. Lying is one of the ways to achieve that fast.

Do all lawyers liars?

It is also pertinent to note that the type of lawyers called lairs in this context, is not just all lawyers. It is the type of lawyers that appear in law court. This type of lawyers are called Barristers. According to Wikipedia, A barrister is a lawyer who specialises in higher court appearances. Thus, not all lawyers liars. A Solicitor is a qualified legal professional who provides expert legal advice and support to clients. He/she do not appear in the court. You can read more on the differences between a barrister and a litigators here.

Hope you got an explicit answer to the question “Why are lawyers liars?”. In a recap, i just said that lawyers are liars because they always liar in their profession. Coupled with that, i stated that it is very possible to be a lawyer who won’t liar, but it is impossible to be a successful lawyer without lying.

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