When Will JAMB Start Giving Admission 2021/2023? Answered

When will JAMB start giving admission to those who wrote Jamb 2021/2023? Every University aspirant would ask such a question. You may want to click here to check your admission status on JAMB Caps now or continue reading for more information about the 2021 admission starting Date.

JAMB will definitely start giving admission as from 1st of February 2021.

In light of this, the JAMB admission process has already begun. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board has announced the 2020 UTME Examination and the results are fully released. This was the first step for the Jamb 2021 Admission process. Now, admission lists have started rolling out on JAMB Caps portal.


The truth is that most desperate candidates that really need admission this year always ask when will JAMB start giving admission 2021/2023, What is JAMB cut off mark?  When will schools (universities) start giving their own admission?

February 1, 2021.

Universities will start releasing admission proper as from 1st of February 2021.

However, you have to keep in mind that some schools have already started releasing admission list before now.

Like I said earlier JAMB have started their various admission process.

Meaning of Admission in progress, Sorry no admission given yet, Process

First step: selling of JAMB registration form – Before any candidate can be able to participate in Jamb UTME examination, he/she will buy JAMB form and register.

Second step: Conduction of UTME examination.

Third step: Releasing of JAMB result – JAMB have already released all the 2020 JAMB UTME examination results.

Fourth step:  Schools conducting of POST-UTME Examination.

This fourth step is very important in admission process because after you made the JAMB cut off mark the next is post UTME cut off mark.  In this case where by u see a candidate that scored 300 in JAMB UTME examination and didn’t get admission is because he/she scored low in Post UTME examination. So I advise candidates to prepare well and do well in post UTME.

Fifth Step: Releasing of admission list.

This is the final step in JAMB admission process where by schools and JAMB will release their various admission list.

So these are the steps that JAMB will undergo before we know when JAMB start giving admission. However JAMB have finished with the first to third step remaining fourth to fifth.


With the above we know that the releasing of JAMB admission list will commence anytime from August.  Their first list is this year which is the merit list and other lists will follow by next year.

The Jamb Admission Process Follows The Pattern Below:

  1. First, Release of 2021 JAMB results (Checked)
  2. JAMB’s sends results/scores to various institutions for Post UTME (Checked)
  3. General and departmental Cut off marks being decided. (Checked)
  4. Uploading of awaiting results to Jamb portal (Checked)
  5. Post Utme examination or admission screening holds. (Checked for most schools)
  6. Various institutions sends list of successful candidates to Jamb via Jamb caps portal. (currently in progress)
  7. JAMB and Schools start releasing admission lists for candidates to check.(Currently in progress)
  8. Original result slip and JAMB admission letter printing.

From the Admission Process Flow mentioned above, i will attempt to answer number 7 – JAMB and Schools start releasing admission lists for candidates to check.

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When Will JAMB And Schools Start Giving Admission 2021

After the Uploading of JAMB SSCE O’level (WAEC, NECO, NABTEB) results on JAMB Portal and haven written your Post UTME Exam, the next thing that comes to mind is “when will JAMB release 2021 Admission List so Student can start checking on JAMB CAPS?”, (You still don’t know how to Upload your O’level result on JAMB portal, Click HERE now for Guidelines)

When will JAMB and Schools Start publishing admission names on JAMB Caps?: Schools are Expected to begin release of Admission List on or before the month of October, Though some schools are known to take much longer time like Imo State University and some will start admitting before this period (like FUTO and OOU).

JAMB will release all her admission lists on JAMB caps this year. See All you need to know about JAMB CAPS admission process HERE.

After Release Of Admission list what next?

Those admitted will have to log in to their JAMB CAPS profile and either accept or reject the admission offered to them by JAMB, by accepting the admission, your admission window for that session will be closed meaning you can no longer be admitted by another school.

Rejecting your Admission means you are not interested in the Admission offered to you, hence you will be placed on Jamb market place, I have explained everything about JAMB market place.

In Conclusion

If your school have concluded here screening exercise, then what is left is the release of her Admission list. when the admission list’s are released you must check your JAMB portal and accept or reject your Admission before the deadline, expect all this to be done as from September/October.

Tertiary institutions will now go back to the agreement NUC had with Vice-Chancellors in 2004 when it introduced Post-UTME which is to screen candidates on oral interview and written essay.

Admission Guide to All Tertiary Aspirants

Students seeking admission may have gotten a lifeline following a new set of guidelines by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

According to The Nation, the board on Monday, July 4, explained that the new guidelines for admission process was made through its website following consultations with universities and other tertiary institutions in the country.

The new admission process would work for candidates who wrote the examination and direct-entry, with the board explaining that universities would collect screening fees from candidates at the end of admission process.

The board stated: “Before a candidate can be considered for screening, he/she must have been given provisional admission by JAMB. The JAMB admission checker portal is going to be opened soon for this process, so praying is all you can do now.”

Explaining further, JAMB stated that the point system where admission would depend on the point tally of the candidate means: “JAMB’s provisional admission no longer makes much sense this year, your points tally will decide your faith.

“The points are evenly spread out between your O’level and JAMB results to provide a level playing field for all.

“In the first case, any candidate who submits only one result which contains his/her relevant subjects already has 10 points, the exam could be NECO, WAEC, GCE etc, but any candidate who has two sittings only gets two points. So, this means that aspirants with only one result are at an advantage but only just.”

Candidates also have more chances of gaining admission with better grades in their O’level thus: A – 6 marks, B – 4 marks, C – 3 marks.

In addition, the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) scores also have implications during the admission process.

180 – 200 (or 20 – 23 marks), 200 – 250 (or 24 – 33 points), 251 – 300 (or 34 – 43), 300 – 400 (or 44 – 60 points) as well as five JAMB results per point added.

The admission board informed also that a candidate with 180 – 185 gets 20 points, a candidate with 186 – 190 gets 21 points, stating further that the point system for direct entry will be released soon just as fees would still be charged for screening which has replaced the post UTME.

How Admission Will Be Conducted by JAMB

If the proposed modality for admission by JAMB is to be adopted for 2018 admission screening, below is how it will be conducted.

  1. JAMB must offer a candidate an admission before such candidates qualifies for screening in the institution he or she has been provisionally admitted. This means that institutions can only screening candidates sent to them by JAMB as having been provisionally admitted in such institution.
  2. Institutions admission screening processes will now be based on point system. The first on the point system is the O’level grading. Candidates who have only one O-level result will stand a better chance of gaining admission than candidates with 2 results. One 0’level result = 10marks/points while two O’level results = 3 marks/points.

Similarly, each grade will now have its equivalent points/marks in this manner; A=6 marks, B=4 marks, C=3 marks which means the having better grades in your O’level result gives you a better chance of securing admission.

The next to be considered on the point system is your UTME Score. Candidates will be awarded marks/points based on their 180-200=20-23 marks, 200-250=24-33 points, 251-300=34-43, 300-400=44-60 points. The higher your score, the higher your chances of securing admission.

This means that what we previously know as institutions cut-off-marks will now be known as institutions cut-off points which will be arrived at after putting all the aforementioned into consideration.

  1. JAMB provisional admission is now a means to an end and not an end itself. This means that JAMB may offer a candidate a provisional admissions and such candidate will still be denied admission by his/her institution because he or she comes below the cut-off point for his/her course in that particular institution.

For instance you may be given provisional admission to study MBBS in UNIBEN by JAMB having obtained a UTME score of 260. If your institution’s cut-off point for medicine is 95 points and you come below that number of points after the screening, you will likely be denied admission.

  1. Admission process will still put into considerations factors like catchment area and ELDS (Educationally Less Developed States) in determining the number of candidates admitted. Admission by merit is 45%, catchment area 35% and ELDS 20%.

The issue of Science to arts ratio will still be in place. For universities Science to arts ratio will be 60:40, Polytechnics 70:30. However for specialized institutions (Technology, Science Agriculture etc) it will be 100% related to their specialty. Also 90% of admission will go to UTME candidates while 10% will go to Direct Entry candidates.

  1. Schools are still at liberty to charge a certain fee for the screening of candidates. However, the Board did not stipulate how much institutions are to charge for this.

How to check if you are Eligible for Admission

Here is how the 2021/2023 Admission Screening will be calculated;

Step 1 – Number of sittings for O’Level
1) One Sitting = 10 marks
2) Two Sittings = 3marks
Total marks obtainable = 10marks

Step 2 – O’Level Result Grading from 5 subjects
A (A1) = 6marks
B (B2, B3) = 4marks
C (C4, C5, C6) = 3marks
Total marks obtainable = 30marks

Step 3 – JAMB UTME Score Grades
Check the image below for your score grade
Total marks obtainable = 60marks

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