UNN Acceptance Fee 2020/2021: How To Pay Online

This is to officially announce to the general public, that the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) has publicly announce the price for her 2020 acceptance fee and necessary procedure for payment. In light of this, any newly admitted student of UNN, who has been asking the question “How much is UNN acceptance fee?” or “How can i pay UNN acceptance fee online?“, is highly advised to read this short post carefully.

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Here, i will disclose the price for UNN 2020 acceptance. Coupled with that, i will show you how to pay your UNN acceptance fee easily. So here we go!

How much is UNN acceptance fee?

The price for UNN acceptance fee is N25,000 (Twenty five thousand Naira). This money will be paid directly to the university management online through remita. It is important to note that the amount for UNN acceptance fee is the same for all courses. So whether you were admitted into Law, medicine, Nursing, Engineering or Accounting etc, the acceptance remains the same. This does not mean that the UNN school fee for all courses are also the same.

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Is the price for UNN Acceptance fee out?

YES! UNN has now announced the release of the price for 2020/2021 acceptance fee online. Nevertheless, i believe it will not be something too costly for you. That notwithstanding, if you want me to officially inform you when the university publishes her price for 2020 school fee also, I enjoin you to keep checking back on this page. The price will be announced here immediately the university publishes it.

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Now that you have known the price for UNN acceptance fee, it is also important to know how to pay the acceptance fee yourself. Trust me; the process is very simple. Just follow the steps below to pay your UNN acceptance fee online.

  • Visit UNN student portal with the link below: unnportal.unn.edu.ng.
  • Login to your UNN profile using your username and password.
  • Click on the acceptance fee icon at the top left menu.
  • Click on pay acceptance fee to generate your acceptance fee invoice.
  • Click on the generate button and print out your invoice.
  • Proceed to any commercial bank in Nigeria with your money in cash, and tell them that you want to pay your acceptance fee to UNN.
  • After payment, the bank will give you an RRR number. RRR number (Also called remita number) is only issued to people who have paid their money in the bank.
  • Note: The RRR number is written on a big white slip.
  • After that, return to your UNN profile repeating step 1 and step 2.
  • Click the payment icon again.
  • Click on pay acceptance fee, and you will be asked to provide your RRR number.
  • Enter the RRR number you received from bank into the box.
  • Click on Pay and you are done.

School fee over-payment info

This is to inform all students who overpaid their school fees that the university administration has instructed a refund of all monies overpaid to the affected students.

All the affected students should please send an email with subject: School fees Overpayment to [email protected] attaching proof of payment.

The date and details for all  refunds will be made public soon.

Please check the website regularly for updates


  1. After payment, go with the copy of the bank confirmation order of the balance payment and bank confirmation/ receipt of the initial incomplete payment made, to ICT Access Bank building.
  2. Customer care section will (merge the payments) attend to it.
  3. Go back to the portal, use the RRR number of the initial fees made to print an online receipt.

Okay! That is all on UNN acceptance fee 2020/2021 and how to pay. Remember to keep checking on this page if you want me to inform you when UNN will release the price for her 2020 acceptance fee. Meanwhile, if you still have any question on how to pay UNN acceptance fee online, do well to let me know using the comment section.


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