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  1. My cousin is running a jupeb program ,he did sciences in Waec(chem, bio, phy, maths, eng, eco, geo, Agric) and is doing (Maths, Eco and Bus Mgt) in jupeb
    What’s tge possibility of him gaining admission through DE and which course is suitable.

    Thank uou

  2. Comment:my son just passed the recent jamb with a good score but wiil be 16 years by November, can he be offered admission.

    • Dear Marvellous there’s a narrow chance of gaining admission with that score,180 being the least cut-off would have helped atleast.But there’s no giving up as you can change your course to a less competitive one.

  3. Please am done with the online registration for DE screening what is the next step to take and when will I submit my credentials

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