Top 10 Owners of Private Jets in Nigeria (2021)

Many Nigerians have been wondering who are the owners of private Jets in Nigeria, anyone who owns one private Jet must be wealthy. Nigerians all over the globe has really made impact financially, many Nigerians are rated or among the richest individuals in the world.

If you would love to know the top 10 richest owners of private Jet in Nigeria. FlashAcademy is here to keep you updated.

Orji Uzor Kalu

Orji Uzor Kalu is among the list of Jet owners in Nigeria, and rated the richest amongst all, He was once a Governor of Abia State. Kalu is known as a business man, Forbe has it that Kalu is the richest and wealthiest business. He stands no. 1 on the list.

Research shows that Kalu has five (5) fleets of Jets including Gulfstream G650, which worth about $72 million. The Jets is the most expensive Jets in the country, the other fleets are also expensive. Forbe has it that Kalu is the richest Igbo man in Nigeria.

Senetor Ali Modu Sheriff

Ali Modu Sheriff was a one time governor of Borno state and a one time Senetor of the Federal republic of Nigeria. He served twice as a Senetor and as the chairman of the People Democratic Party(PDP).

According to Forbe he is the 2nd richest businessman and former governor, having more than one private Jet, he is listed the richest.

Bishop David Oyedepo

The founder of the Living Faith Church Nigeria is one of the richest pastors and Forbe has it that he is among the richest Jet owner in the country.

The pastor is a well known and respected man, he has more than one private Jet, aside the Jets, he also own fleets of exotic cars, the pastor is the 3rd on the list of richest private Jet owners.

Otunba Mike Adenuga

Mike Adenuga is the 2nd richest man in Nigeria. He is the CEO and owner of globalcom (GLO) Nigeria. He also own many businesses, Adenuga is a businessman, investor and businessman.

He own a Bombardier Challenger 604 and many expensive Jets.

Asinwaju Ahmed BolaTinubu

Tinubu was a one time governor of Lagos State, the state that produce the highest revenue in Nigeria.

Tinubu is currently the chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC) He is a political guru and jagaban of Lagos State. He own a private Jet, with some expensive cars.

Aliko Dangote

Dangote is an investor, businessman, philanthropist, a well known man across the globe, he has many investment in Nigeria and outside Nigeria, Dangote is a proud successful businessman.

Aliko Dangote is the richest black man and also in list of richest men in the world at large, He has a estimate net worth of $12.5 billion. He’s a proud owner of and expensive private jet.

Folorunsho Alakija

One of the richest black woman in the world and businessman, known as Folorunsho, he is among the top list of richest women, and ladies that matters. Her net worth is estimated $1.3 billion.

She’s among the most influential women in Africa, her private Jet are more expensive.

Pastor Ayo OritseJafor

The founder of World Life Bible Church is on the Forbe list of richest pastor and richest men in the world, He’s among the Jet owners in the country.

He is the former president of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). Also the top richest private Jet owner.

Igho Charles Sanomi ii

Igho is an investor, businessman. He has investment in the oil sector, also in the real estate, he has asset all over the country.

The businessman has many private Jet and rank among the wealthiest.

T.B Joshua

The founder of the Synagogue Church Of All Nation SCOAN, Lt, Pastor T.B Joshua was one of the richest Nigerian pastors. He was a philanthropist, a generous man, a man that put the teachings of Christ to practice, late T.B Joshua was described by Forbe as the richest and selfless pastor.

The man of God is said to be extremely rich, He’s wealth is beyond boundaries, He aquired all money could offer him, among he’s asset are his private Jet, fleet’s of cars and houses, the man of God had many investment before his untimely death.
He’s still the richest pastor and among the list of owners of private jet.

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