Study Law Without Literature: Is It Possible or Not

The question as to whether a person can study law without literature in English or not, is very paramount to aspirants who want to study law in the university. Many students have been searching for cogent answer to this question, but have not gotten any answer yet.

Is it possible to study law without literature in English? Can i study law without literature? Can a person study law without literature in English,

Well in this short article, i will be answering that question. Coupled with that, i will explain the reason for my answer to the question as to whether a person can study law without Literature-in-English or not.

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The answer is No. It is impossible to study law without literature in any institution. The reason is because, literature is a very vital course in the study of law. Thus, before any institution (be it university, polytechnic or college of education) can allow aspirants to study law, they must pass Literature-in-English with good grades.

More so, there have been some law (in Nigeria) that prohibits students from studying law without literature in English. So you see, you cannot study law without literature in English. If you want to gain admission into any Nigerian university as a law student, you must add literature among your JAMB UTME subject combination. Also, you must have a WAEC Credit grade in Literature to become a Law student in any Nigerian institution.

Hope you got your question answered here. In a recap, i said that you cannot study law without literature in any Nigerian institution. In addition to that, i noted that the reason for this is because, literature is one of the most essential courses in the study of law. It doesn’t only apply in Nigeria. This rule apply everywhere. No student will be allowed to study law in any institution around the world today, without a good result in Literature in English.

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Alabi destiny

Can i study mass com wit e8 in literature


Thanks sir


Understood, thanks sir


I want to study law, I have HND in OTM but do not have maths at o’level. Which university can accept me?

Please I did very well in Weac except literature I got d7 and I scored 281 in jamb please can I be accepted into Unilag for law

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