Nigerian Customs Ranks, Salary & Recruitment Details (2021)

The Nigerian Customs service is another branch of paramilitary, they help to secure and safe guards the border between Nigeria and the neighboring countries. the customs officer are meant to check on goods or product that are not allow into the country (contraband)

The custom recruitment is always in bach by Bach which is done annually, been recruite into the customs service isn’t just a easy task, due to the God fatherism, the customs service are meant to recruite base on merit, which isn’t so.

The Nigerian government made an increase in salary this regime, this should also cut across all paramilitary service including the Customs and other federal and civil services. The increment start from #18,000 to #33,000. It’ is expect to be implemented.

Functions Of The Custom Service

What are the functions of the Nigerian Customs Service? The Nigerian Customs are meant to carry out some specific task as a measure of securing her country. Also responsible for collecting revenue, these is aid by the ministry of finance for supervision. They help in checking smuggled product and goods likewise many more.

For some years now the customs is known for checkmating of goods to maintain effective control of goods coming in and out of the country, it is expected they meet standard of the international trade.

The list of some major functions of the Nigerian Custom Service

Collection of revenue (import/excise duties and taxes.

Security Functions

Anti-Smuggling activities

General statistics for planning and budgetary purpose

Monitoring foreign exchange utilities e.t.c

Manifest processing

Engaging in research, planning and enforcement of fical policy

Licensing and registration

Collaboration with other government agencies in all approved port and border stations.

Let’s see the challenges the customs service experience, mostly they lack human effort to work, which implies, not enough man power, they need more men and women to be recruite into the service.

Mostly those business people who export goods into the country has one or many encounter with the customs officers, since their goods must be cleared they have to settle the customs officers.

As mention above in these article, the customs generate her income and revenue through the import and export funds they get from importers and exporters.

Due to the duty of the customs service, many Nigerians have always wish to be employed by the customs, they have the mindset that the customs earn so much. They hope in getting a job therein.

The monthly allowance and other benefits that comes to every entitled members is as a result of the work the put into action, despite lawful or unlawful, provided they earn well.

Customs Allowance

The money the customs receive as monthly or yearly allowance would all be listed here. All officer are entitled for their pay.

Money given to every officer as allowance, it is as a result of some staff who doesn’t have government accommodation, so the money will serve as grant for that purpose an more.

Here are some of the allowance

Utility allowance

Hazard allowance

Uniform maintenance allowance

House maintenance allowance

Touchlight allowance

General service allowance

Detective allowance

Hardiness allowance

Furniture allowance

Personal servant

The Customs salary scale & Ranks

The highest paid officer is the controller general of the customs service followed by his deputy, to suffice with, the salary structure of all customs officer is quite encouraging.

Controller general: #2,870,000

Deputy Controller general: #2,570,000

Assistant controller general: #2,470,000

Controller: #2,070,00

Deputy Controller: #1,770,000

Assistant Controller: #1,570,000

Chief Supretendent Customs officer


Deputy supretendent Customs Officer


Assistant supretendent Customs Officer 1&2

Inspector of customs: #970,000

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