Most Lucrative Courses In Nigeria: Top 10 (2019)

At some point of your life as a student, you will ask the question “Which course is the most lucrative in Nigeria?”. Apparently, it is very important to know the most lucrative courses in Nigeria, before choosing any to study. The reason is because, most of the prestigious and popular courses we all love today, are not very lucrative. For that reason, i have decided to make a list of the most lucrative courses in Nigeria this 2019.

Flashacademy Most lucrative courses in Nigeria

Thus, if you have been searching for the courses that pay most in Nigeria, here are the most lucrative courses in 2019. Note that these courses were not just picked at random. They have been confirmed to be lucrative and highly paying in Nigeria.

Lucrative courses in Nigeria 2019

Below are the most lucrative courses in Nigeria:

  1. Medicine and surgery.
  2. Agriculture.
  3. Computer Engineering.
  4. Accountancy.
  5. Economics.
  6. Pharmacy.
  7. Nursing.
  8. Law.
  9. Political science.
  10. Petroleum engineering.

OK. There you have my list of the most lucrative courses in Nigeria 2019. I know that list must have taken you aback. Well, if you really want to know why those courses are the most lucrative in Nigeria today, then join me as i explain in details, what those courses are all about.

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1. Medicine and surgery:

Lucrative courses in Nigeria

Medicine and surgery is probably the most lucrative course in Nigeria. It is also one of the courses that take longer time to study in Nigerian universities. Medicine is very prestigious and lucrative in Nigeria because, people have the notion that only intelligent and smart people can study the course. In fact, when a medical student graduates from any school in Nigeria, his job is already secured.

Every hospital in Nigeria will want to offer him job because, the course he studied is obvious not easy. More so, the money paid to medical doctors in Nigeria is always high. The least i have seen is N200,000 per month. That is really a huge amount of money. So if you have been searching for the most lucrative courses in Nigeria, Medicine is one of them.

2. Agriculture:

Most Lucrative Courses In Nigeria

Second on my list of the most lucrative courses in Nigeria is Agriculture. Now, you may be wondering why i chose to make agriculture the second in this list. The reason is because, agriculture is indeed lucrative.

I don’t really understand why many Nigerian students are running from agriculture. Maybe it is because, agriculture has to do with the cultivation of crops and the rearing of animals. But wait! That does not mean it is not lucrative. After my research on the most lucrative courses in Nigeria, i discovered that agriculture is one of the most paying businesses or courses anyone can study.

If you doubt me, then you should ask the former president of Nigeria, Obasanjo. He is currently a wealthy agriculturist. The truth is that, agriculture is very lucrative but many students have not realize this.

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3. Computer Engineering:

top most lucrative courses in Nigerian universities

Do you know how much Computer engineers are paid for the services they render? Well if you don’t, i enjoin you to go and inquire now. That course is really lucrative. After fixing a laptop/computer or building a website for you, they collect nothing less than 50,000 Naira.

Aside that, a Computer Engineer can build a blog where he can make money on his own. One other good thing about this course is that, they can work everywhere. There is probably no company, bank or business that don’t have a computer engineer these days. So you see, Computer Engineering is apparently one of the most lucrative courses to study in Nigerian universities. You can read my article on the number of years it takes to study engineering in Nigeria here.

4. Accountancy:

Which course is the most lucrative in Nigeria today_

Accountancy is another highly paying course in Nigeria now. That is why the course is very competitive in all Nigerian universities. According to Wikipedia, Accounting or accountancy is the measurement, processing, and communication of financial information about economic entities such as businesses and corporations.

In Nigeria, Accountancy is very lucrative because, an accountant can work in every company or organization in Nigeria. Basically, accountancy is a course for bankers. But that notwithstanding, an accountant can also use is knowledge in accounting to work as a business man/women. Most accountants in Nigeria are well known business men in Nigeria.

5. Economics:

highly paying courses in Nigeria

Just like Accountancy, Economics is very prestigious and very competitive in Nigeria. The course is meant for students who are very good in mathematics because, it has a lot to do with mathematics.

Now you maybe asking, “where can an economist work?”. Well the answer is everywhere. Economists often work as managers in companies. This is because, Economics focuses on the behaviour and interactions of economic agents and how economies work. In Nigeria, an economist can also be a banker. He/she will also do well in business too. So you see, economics is really a lucrative course in Nigeria.

6. Pharmacy:

most paying courses in Nigeria today

A pharmacists is a person who prescribes medications to patients and offer expertise in the safe use of prescriptions. In Nigeria, pharmacy is well respected and lucrative. It is in fact, one of the most lucrative courses in Nigeria.

Aside working for organizations and drug regulating agencies in Nigeria, a pharmacists can rolling into production of his own drugs. As long as he has been licensed by NDLA (National drugs law enforcement agency), he can be a boss of himself. Trust me; this course is very lucrative. I personally recommend it for every science student.

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7. Nursing:

Nursing is a lucrative course in Nigeria

Nursing is one of the courses i respect so much. First, it is important to note that nursing is not a course for women alone. It is a course for both men and women. So if you are one of those that think nursing is for women, stop thinking that way today.

Just like doctors, nurses easily get employed in Nigeria. This is so because, it is a course that has to do with the saving of lives. Accordingly, nurses are also very respected in many countries of the world. Eg. In USA, nursing is even more respected than medicine and law. You can click here to see how long it takes to study nursing in Nigeria.

8. Law:

Law is one of the most lucrative courses in Nigeria

Law is one of the most lucrative professional courses in Nigeria. Aside this, lawyers are very much respected too. They study one of the most difficult courses in the world.

I know many of you will disagree with me, if i say law is very lucrative. But i think you should stop being dogmatic and check my list of the most richest lawyers in Nigeria 2019. Law is one of the courses that can fetch you millions of Naira after graduating from school. If you are good in legal practice, just one case can change you life forever. This fact is undoubtedly true. Law is one of the most lucrative courses in Nigeria.

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9. Political science:

Political science is a very lucrative course in Nigeria

In a normal, i won’t count political science as one of the most lucrative courses. But in Nigeria, politics seems to be an ideal way to make fast and quick money. It has even gotten to the extent that both lawyers, medicine doctors, economists and illiterates are enrolling into politics. This is apparently because, it is very lucrative.

Now this is it. If a person who studied something else in school can go into Nigerian politics and be successful, what do think of a person who studied political science in school. If you ask me, i think the latter has a better chance of success in politics. So you see, political science is a very lucrative course in Nigeria.

10. Petroleum engineering:

Most paying courses in Nigeria 2019_2020

Petrol is one of Nigeria’s basic source of income. According to Wikipedia, Petroleum engineering is a field of engineering concerned with the activities related to the production of hydrocarbons, which can be either crude oil or natural gas. There is obviously no doubt that Petroleum engineering is a very lucrative course in Nigeria.

A petroleum engineer can work for any of the mining or petroleum companies in Nigeria. The truth is that, petroleum engineers earn a lot. This is so because, Nigeria export petrol to many countries of the world. So, if you have been searching for the most lucrative and highly paying courses in Nigeria, petroleum engineering is ideal.

Yeah! There you have the most lucrative courses in Nigeria today. Like i have already noted, these courses were not picked at random. They have been certified at the higher paying courses in Nigeria. Hope you enjoyed this article? Do let me know what you think about this article below.

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