Message to Jambites From Flashacademy

Depression is nothing to mock people about.
The bad news is that Depression is real but the good news is that depression is avoidable and could be cured.
Cloths and smile cover a lot.
A lot of people laugh so loud,smile and even make you smile but most of the can’t even sleep at night.

What is their feear of their problems with you?
The last time someone shared a very deep problem with you what did you do? You mocked them, made the person look like a candidate of pity and sympathy.
You even shared that deep secret with someone else even after all the promise not to tell anyone.

People laugh because someone died because of broken relationship.
Another died because of carry over in school.
Another because of broken marriage.
Another because of low jamb score and yet another because of health issues, we all laugh and said can you imagine.

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It’s so sad that what can make someone depressed,another person can face that same thing and overcome such with hug smile.
This is because we have different temperaments and emotional maturities, also because of the difference in our strategies to face life struggles.
However, the truth is both male and female, pastor or bishop, parents or children can be depressed. It all depends on the state of the situation.

Please when depressed people talk to you and you can’t handle them,talk to a phycologists or a spiritual leader, reach out to someone to help,Dont turn it to a gist or gossip remember anyone can be depressed,Nobody is too rich to be poor or too healthy to be sick.

If you are depressed, please talk to someone, reach out to someone, Dont hide the pain and die with it,suicide is not an antidote for depression, snipper is not a cure for depression, is even a sin to take your own life.
Hold hands with someone and pray,talk to heaven, Remember there is no sorrow heaven cannot cure.

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