How To Stay Mentally Healthy As a Student

How To Stay Mentally Healthy As A Student: Being young is bliss, we live recklessly and foolishly without thinking of the future. We rely on the strength of our strong body and abuse it until we face the harsh consequence of our actions.

Students are most of the time young unless they decide to go back to school after the age of thirty. Most of them are not aware of the fact that their body could break down if they do not live a healthy lifestyle. The life of the party is their mojo and if care is not taken, they could end up in the grave or in a wheelchair.

In this article, I am going to enlighten the readers on the lifestyle of the majority of these types of students and give some advice on how they could avoid messing their life up by putting an end to this behavior.

School can be boring at times for this new generation, we live in a new era of social media which sees many young people looking for an easy way to reach stardom by becoming an online sensation or icon overnight.

Social media create a lack of focus from students, I meant most of them to have their eyes stuck on their cell phones more than their books. They are so easily influenced by these so-called social media artists or influencers and sometimes start behaving like them. Most of these influencers glorify the use of drugs and alcohol, women abuse, non-respect toward the elderly and much more, just to attract followers or create a fan base. Since they are making tons of money from it, the new generation finds it cool to perpetuate this trend and it becomes a real curse for our society. Although Money is the root of all evil bad lyrics can be too.

Below are some mental health tips for students that you can start practicing today.
  1. Get Good Sleep early
  2. Always Check-in with A Campus Counselor.
  3. Build a strong Support Network.
  4. Get Active.
  5. Avoid Drugs and Alcohol.
  6. Eat a Healthy Diet always.
  7. Reward Yourself.

Nevertheless, a healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy and clean mindset; students should be aware of the information their brain is processing.

A clean and pure mental state is the first step to a healthy lifestyle, if you have not received a good education from your family then you must reeducate yourself. Envy, impatient and jealousy are other factors leading students to start wrecking their health, I really blame the Media and the big companies out there for only trying to sell their products instead of making our society better.

Students are vulnerable because they are learners, they are the future of our society, they become what we teach them and they do not only learn in school but everywhere they go.

To stay healthy students should avoid drug and alcohol abuse at all costs, this is a no go area even once or for fun, drugs and alcohol destroy the body, affect your memory in the long run.

They should focus on one and only one sex partner to avoid related sex diseases, I know sex seems good but it is better with only one partner. Practicing protected sex is a must even though you have only one partner, we always trust ourselves but can we trust others???

In Africa, there is a disease that we neglect: depression!!! Depression is real as it affects mostly students, it is a mental state that can really disturb the health and the peace of a student.

Alcohol and drug abuse are two factors that make depression worst, it doesn’t take the pain away but only in the short run. I encourage all readers to do their researches on depression, it is not every disease that you can see.

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The secret to a successful life is a healthy mental state, if your mind is not right then your life can never be, in Africa we really neglect the state of the mind, we believe a disease is something that is only physical.

Mad people on the street are the results of an unhealthy mental state caused by either stress, drug abuse and much more. The students are easy to influence; they are like fresh meat ready to go to the market, they need guidance but nowadays society care more about making money than to educate, they are at their own mercy, they need to be aware and educate themselves, being spiritual can also be a solution but spirituals leaders can be evil too.

Pick up religious books, do your researches on what is right or wrong and choose your path. Success is about working hard, being honest and accepting the will of God.

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