Why Are Lawyers Learned? See Reason Why Lawyers Are Learned

In this article, I will explicitly explain why lawyers are called learned people. If you have been wondering “why lawyers are learned”, I enjoin you to read this painstakingly because, your question will be answered here.

Reasons why lawyers are learned people

A lecturer came to my class some days ago, and promised to reward any student who could explain why lawyers are called learned people. The entire class abruptly became silent; nobody was able to give a correct answer to the question. The truth is that, many lawyers and law students actually use the term “Learned friend”, but not all of them knows why lawyers are learned.

In light of this, I thought it wise to thoroughly research on the origin and reason why lawyers are learned. Having done that, I will disclose to you why lawyers are learned people today. Coupled with that, I will give you a brief historical background of the term “Learned profession” as it is used among lawyers today.

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What is a profession?

Before I highlight the reasons why lawyers are learned, it is worthwhile to make you understand what a profession really means. According to the Advanced Learned Dictionary, A profession is “a paid occupation, especially one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification”. It can also be said to be an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.

Why lawyers are learned

Below are some of the reasons why lawyers are learned:

1. Lawyers are governed by some rules of conduct:

This is the core reason why lawyers are called learned people. The legal profession is a very prestigious profession. It is one of the three professions, which ensure that  their members are of good character and behavior before that can be admitted. More so, lawyers have rules that govern their conduct in public. When any of these rules is broken, the lawyer who is responsible for it, will be severally punished. In some cases, that lawyer will be suspended.

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2. A lawyer’s job lies within the mortal realm:

More so, lawyers are learned because their job lies within the mortal realm. It will surprise you to know that lawyers indirectly have the power to determine whether a person will live or die for his conduct. This may not be bluntly affirmed, but it is just the truth. Take for instance, a good lawyer knows how he can mitigate the punishment given to his client who is supposed to be executed for his wrong. This apparently contributes to the reason why lawyers are called learned people.

3. Lawyers spend most of their time in knowledge based field:

Another reason why lawyers are learned is because; they spend most of their time in knowledge based field. Unlike other professions, lawyers are assiduously  trained in the field of study that is sole aimed at improving their knowledge. To corroborate this, Mario Puzu said; “A lawyer with his briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns”. This assertion clearly proves that lawyers are smarter than an average human. They know something about almost every field of study.

4. The prestige and tradition of the legal profession:

Another obvious reason why lawyers refer to themselves as learned, is the respect people have for the profession. Lawyers (Judiciary) are one of the important organs of almost every government system. They are sometimes referred to as the “last hope of the common man”. This clearly shows that lawyers are indispensable in every society. They are trained to know the law and apply it in real life situations. This is why lawyers are proud of their profession. Lawyers thus, consider themselves worthy of being called learned people.

Is law the only learned profession?

The answer is No. Law is not the only legal profession. According to Wikipedia, the Medieval and early modern tradition recognized only three professions: divinity, medicine, and law. These are the learned professions in the world. Even till today, many people still define a legal profession as any profession between theology, law, and medicine. So law is not the only legal profession,


Those are the basic reasons why lawyers are learned. Well, many scholars have  argued that there are other professions that have the necessary qualities to be called a learned profession as stated here. But the truth is that, other professions cannot be compared with Law which gained its prestige in the medieval period. Hope this article was helpful?

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Meanwhile, if you still have any question to ask concerning why lawyers are learned, or if you wish to make contributions to the points stated above, kindly use the comment section below this article.

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