Top Law Websites/Blogs In Nigeria For Lawyers

As a young Nigerian Lawyer or student, it is very pertinent to know the best and most resourceful law websites in Nigeria. Today, it is evident that no legal practitioner can do without research because, as the society develops; so also does the law. In light of this, i have decided to create a special article that will vividly disclose the best websites for lawyers in Nigeria.

So, if you have been searching for the best law websites in Nigeria, or you have been asking the question “Which website in Nigeria gives legal tips?”, have in mind that your question will be answered here. I enjoin you to kindly read this article, as i will typically the top law blogs and websites in Nigeria 2020.

Law websites in Nigeria

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Law/Legal Websites/Blogs In Nigeria

Below are the law websites in Nigeria:


Ok! There you have my list of best Law websites in Nigeria. Note that the websites above, are not arranged in any particular order. Meanwhile, if you really want to know more about those blogs and websites, i enjoin you to continue reading.

Best Law websites in Nigeria

Djetlawyer is one of the best law websites in Nigeria. The website has been in existence for more than 3years now. It was created in 2016, to help in bringing up young lawyers and educating law students on matters relating to their field of study. was created by Olamide Olarenwaju. He is an ardent blogger who believes that no knowledge is a waste. Since the inception of the site in 2015, Olamide has kept on updating his site with stupendous legal tips. No doubt, this website is the best website for law students who love legal tips and guides.

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Top law websites in Nigeria 2020

Lawpadi is another outstanding law website in Nigeria. It is one of the oldest too. Just like, Lawpadi is sole bent on disseminating delighting legal tips and guides. Lawpadi was created in 2005 by Babatunde Ibidapo-Obe at Lagos State, Nigeria.

One of the outstanding features of this website is that, it allows readers to ask any legal question the feel like, and in 24hour time, an answer will be given to their question. In an interview with Babatunde, he stated that his reason for creating lawpadi, was to make legal information more accessible to Nigerians. He wanted to educate young Nigerians about their fundamental human right. Trust me; this is one of the best websites for lawyers in Nigeria.

Best websites for lawyers in Nigeria

If you are a lawyer in Nigeria, you must have known this website before now. Nigerianlawguru is a website for legal practitioners and legal schorlars/researchers in Nigeria. was created by some group of lawyers at Benin city, Nigeria. Though it is apparent that Nigerianlawguru is not always updated with new legal info, the website still have useful and insightful contents. Trust me; it is one of the best. Just check them out using the link above.

top best law blogs in Nigeria is another great blog for lawyers and students in Nigeria. It was created basically for legal research and news in Nigeria. If you have been searching for a site that disseminates legal news from Nigerian courts, then is the best. Simple visit them now for more information.

Apart from legal tips, Legalnaija is also known for sharing tentative business tips and guides. If you ask me, this blog is ideal for every law student in Nigeria. They teach you the law, and how to make money as a legal practitioner.

Best websites for law students in Nigeria

Next no my list of the best law blogs in Nigeria is Naijalegaltalkng. This blog has just existed for a year, and it is one of the most resourceful law blogs in Nigeria. Unlike other blogs mentioned about, Naijalegaltalkng offer legal services to their readers. They do not only shear legal tips.

Naijalegaltalkng is currently owned by Decouverte Consult. Decouverte Consult is a law firm that was was established in around 2010 in Nigeria. The blog is indeed one of the best law blogs in Nigeria for lawyers.

Best websites for law students in Nigeria

Flashacademy is one of the best education websites in Nigeria. It was created by a law student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Edeh Chukwuemeka Samuel (Also called Samstyle). When the blog started it activities in 2020, it was sole bent on sharing education news and tutorials in Nigeria.

After some months, a section was created in the website where mind blowing legal tips were shared. Today, is one of the most recognized website for education and legal tips. Trust me; this is one of the most useful education site ever. You can check out their outstanding legal tips here.

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Best websites for legal tips in Nigeria

I know this might sound crazy, but it is just the truth. is one of the best law blogs in Nigeria. It is one of the best sites i found online lately. Basically, they provide latest updates from the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), legal interviews, reliable legal news and information.

Aside all these, also sell and provide legal materials to lawyers and law students. So, if you have been searching for a law blog in Nigeria, where you can by your wig or gown, then is just the right site to visit. You can give them a try now. You will love it.

top blogs for lawyers in Nigeria 2020

Thenigerialawyer is among the best 5 law websites for lawyers. Just like Djetlawyer, has been in existence for up to 3-4years now. One reason why i will recommend Thenigerialawyer for every Nigerian lawyer is because, it is one of the most active law websites in Nigeria.

It’s main goal is to inform readers on the latest decisions reached in significant law cases in Nigeria. Sometimes, they even interview top lawyers in Nigeria who end up telling their success story in the legal profession. I really love this site, and i think you will love too. You can check them out if you want to.

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top websites for lawyers in Nigeria 2020_2021

Yeah! The next on my list of the best law websites in Nigeria for lawyers is the popular and prestigious Lawpavilion. has been in existence for many years now. It was created to make legal information accessible to Nigerians. Currently, the website has a law report called LawPavilion Electronic Law Report(LPELR). It is one of the fastest growing law website in Nigeria today.

LawPavilion also offer paid legal services to its readers. Though the price is not very costly. The site is very resourcesful, educating and useful to every Nigerian law student. You can check them out as well.

law lawyers every lawyer

I haven’t known this site for long, but with the kind of legal information they provide, it is undoubtedly true that they are good for Nigerian lawyers. is basically a research website in Nigeria. It was created by a lawyer from the University of Benin (Popularly called UNIBEN). does not only share legal tips and information. They tend to teach readers the law, making sure that their readers gain more knowledge by visiting their site. The truth is that, i always visit lawstudenthub when i am searching for any legal case in Nigeria. They are very good for researching. Trust me; you will love this website after visiting it. Just give them a try today.

law websites in Nigeria is another sticking law website in Nigeria. As at 2020, Barristerng was the most visited law website in Nigeria. One of the reasons why i love this website is because, their contents always reflect the current situation of Nigeria. It was the only law website in Nigeria that wrote about the suspension of the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) by the president, Buhari in January 2020. This made the website very popular and prestigious.

Above all, Barristerng allows its readers to post interesting legal write ups and articles. They collect write ups from both lawyers and law students all over Nigeria. No doubt, they are one of the best law websites for lawyers in Nigeria. You can check them out now.

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Yeah! There you have the best law websites/blogs in Nigeria for Nigerian lawyers and law students. Note that these websites and blogs were not just picked at random. I made this list after an assiduous research on the best law websites in Nigeria. Hope this article was helpful? Do tell me what you think using the comment section below this post.

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