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  1. Hello Yemi Dawkins.
    Yoruba language is not relevant in the field of law. So you must not credit Yoruba.

    Below are the subjects you must credit:
    Literature in English
    Government/history and

  2. Please I had 248 in my jamb, which medical course can I study? I picked physiology but I want to change course I was thinking of changing to nursing, is my score good enough for nursing?

  3. I have 209 in my jamb result and I picked lasu as my second choice and I want to study Accounting can I study it

  4. Hey are you seeking admission into lasu then we got u covered join our whatsapp group to get updates and help to get admitted easily🙂

  5. Please i have second class lower from University of Ilorin and i have just got direct entry form for Law at Lasu. Pls what are my chances for admissions for Law program at the institution.

  6. Comment:Please sir, i scored 191 in JAMB. and i want to study law in UNIBEN as frist choice and also LASU as second chioce. do i stand a chance of gaining admission in of them ?

  7. Comment:i score 186 in Jamb and I want to study theatre art in Lasu…can I still make it?

  8. 1. Do LASU organise post UTME or Screening?
    2. What of if I am cut off from my choice of course will I be given another course?
    3. I have awaiting result, can I be screened?
    4. What is the percentage division of points between UTME, WAEC and post UTME?
    5. I will be 16 by August, hope I will not be screened out?

    • you need to do change of institution and make lasu your first choice cause they don’t allow second choice. With the above score you should be given admission.

  9. Am a student of federal polytechnic ilaro and I had lower credit
    Can lasu give me admission for accounting

  10. Please, any news for direct entry candidates? Are we to do something or wait to be called upon??

  11. Comment: please how can I get direct entry requirement I study accounting osun state poly

  12. excellent evening to you ,pls I want to know when 2019’s post utme screening will be conducted??

  13. Hello sir, I choose lasu as my first choice and I scored 214 in my jamb and I want to study sociology. I choose English, government, commerce and economics as the jamb subject combination. Is that good to go or I should change my course

  14. Comment:pls i have upper credit from gataway poly den i apply for DE at LASU bt i chose dem as second choice pls is there a chance of gaining admission

    • OK, Normally after the purchase of the screening form, you’ll be asked to come along to the campus with your credentials.
      The officer responsible for the screening will check your credentials if truly you’re qualified for admission into the University.

  15. Oh! Okay then… Please, these are the current questions I have now.
    1. Will I have to purchase the screening form directly from the school?
    2. What kind of credential would we be asked to bring to campus?

  16. Pls I scored 189 in jamb and I choose nursing for lasu and also second choice can I still be given admission

    • The form will be available online which you’ll fill online just exactly how jamb form and other forms are being filled.
      You can get the form from the school also.

  17. I have a first degree in history. I want to study law. Shd I go thru direct entry? Or just apply? What do you advise?

  18. I score 196 in my jamb exam and I want to study music and I heard that if you are not a lagosian getting the admission will be somehow tedious. Though I was a commercial student and I had a very good result. please I have been running after this admission for the past three years, please how do I go with this.

  19. Hi,I got 217 in my utme,i want to study English education…i would be 16 this October…and am also not an indigene..am i going to be screened out?

    • according to the information that just arrived the board are still contemplating on whether they’ll be postutme or rather only screening..
      When the final decision has been made you’ll be notified immediately.
      Please do subscribe so you can get updates.

    • Yes as at last year they conducted postutme although it has not be said that same will be for this year.. There’s high probability of them doing screening.

    • Yes you’re good to go bro.. But at same time practice postutme past questions as it has not been revealed if it’ll be screening or postutme.
      Do subscribe by mail to get updated whenever it’s out.

  20. Please sir, I scored 213 in Jamb, and I want to study philosophy, I choose lasu as my first choice, but I have d7 in mathematics and I don’t have Literature too, but I have credit pass in the remaining subjects. Can I still be given admission? Although I want to sit for the next Waec gce. Thanks sir as I await ur response

  21. But the next waec I want to write, its result will be out by December, can it still meet up with this year admission?

  22. Yes Gce, but my concern is that if it will meet up with this year admission or not, because the result will be out by December

  23. But will they accept awaiting results? Please enlighten me more. Thank you sir. Or if u can send me ur contact, so I can call u

  24. Please I choose lasu as my first choice, I scored 211 in jamb, I choose business admin but I later want to change the course to accounting can it possible, then I did not sit for mathematics during my jamb, I sat for Eng. Account commerce and economics, would I offer admission please I need your reply hastily.

  25. Hi.
    I choose Unilag as first choice and lasu as second choice.
    I scored 212 in jamb.
    And I want to study medicine.
    Am I good to go??
    And what can I do

    • what are your olevel results ,if they’re very good you’re good to go for Unilag. As for lasu they do not accept second choice candidates if you’re to study there then you should consider changing it to first choice, which is still on

  26. Please, I am a 100l student in OOU and I am currently a second class upper student. I didn't take this years jamb. Can I apply for direct entry into lasu? My o'level results are good.

  27. Just finished my ond at mapoly I took this year jamb I got 172 lasu is my first choice I have neco result can I ever be considered with any course given?

  28. Hi sir I want to do diploma course in Lasu to study theater art I want to know if the form is out, and also will like to know if after the diploma I can still get direct entry form for Lasu that same year I will be finishing my diploma in Lasu

  29. Pls o how many yrs do LASU take for weac for instance LASU only take not more than two yrs is that true , secondly Is 211 gud for microbiology,thirdly am an indigene of Ondo but born in Lagos hope no problem pls answer me abegi biko

  30. Please sir I would like to know if lasu accept two sittings for education and political science?Secondly o level combination is gce gce can't work out?

    • They've not specified on which they'll take this year… I'll advise you continue studying their post utme pastquestions to be on the safe side.
      Thanks 👍
      And you’ll be notified immediately we get any news from our source concerning the post utme

  31. PLS where can i get the authentic LASU post utme past questions and i got 195 , am i still on the safe side to study medicine in lasu.

  32. I had 203 in jamb and I picked lasu,I want to study business administration or public administration

  33. Dear Sirs, Thanks for this marvellouse work your are doing. I scored 189 in Jamb and I chose LASU as second Choice, I am also a non indigen can I be admitted in LASU.

  34. Dear Sir, May I repeat, I scored 189 in Jamb and I chose LASU as second choice, Also I am a non Indigene, am I eligible to apply for post utme in LASU

  35. Thank you for the reply, well understood, what is the procedure to change the Choice of School, as in this case I will like to rectify my application to LASU as first choice, how and where should I go to accomplish this ???

    Also is the form already available or when can we expect LASU post UTME to hold ??

  36. plz ah scored 270 in jamb ah want 2 study sociology..is der any specific requirement 4 olevel? and am ah gud 2 go?ansas nidded speedily

  37. Please is lasu screening form for non indigenes out and I scored 182 in jamb and I want to study music in lasu. Can I still go on?

  38. Pls I scored 209and I did not put lasu as my first choice i want to study pharmacology can I still enter
    And also I am going to be 16 on the 15 of october

  39. I scored 190 and I want to study public Administration and I choose lasu as my first choice bug am not from Lagos state

  40. Please I picked lasu as second choice,and I want to write the examination,can I go ahead with the procedure, and please I want to know the date of the exam, is registration ongoing

  41. i chose lasu as second choice for my direct entry will i be accepted, if yes, will like to know the date for screening2019/2020

    • The registration for Indigeneship Verification Exercise for the 2019/2020 Admission Exercise will commence on Monday, 24th June, 2019 and close on Tuesday, 2nd July, 2019.

  42. Hello am in Ghana and completed senior high school this year,offered business and what are my passes needed in my wassce certificate to apply to study psychology at the universities in Nigeria dear

    • candidates for admission into the B.Sc programme are required to have credit in English language as well as general biology, human biology or health science, and at least pass in mathematics or statistics at the Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE) or ordinary level General Certificate of Education (GCE) organized by West African Examination Council (WAEC) or National Examination Council (NECO). Candidates seeking direct entry should, in addition to the above requirements, have at least pass in advanced level GCE or its equivalent in any two (2) of the following subjects: Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Business, Management, Geography, History and English Literature, or a Diploma approved by the University.UME (University Matriculation Examination) candidates, in addition to O’level requirements, are required to take Biology in UME Examination.

      I hope you find this helpful, of you still have any questions I’ll be ready to reply.

  43. I have 196 in jamb and I chose lasu as my first choice to study botany will dey offer me admission…

  44. Pls i am here for online revalidation we were asked to do it online dose peeps dat went to the school but the site is not loading they are also aware of it pls pls what can be done we were asked to keep trying it still saying d same thing

  45. Please I would like to know I didn't put lasu as my University choice when I registered for jupeb but now I want to know if it's possible to be given admission if I decide to obtain there form if it's out.

  46. Hi! My brother scored 237 in JAMB. Can he put in for Medical Lab Science (MLS), Nursing or Physiology? Which of this three can he put in for.?

    Hello for someone who had 7point in A'levels, can he be admitted for Medical Lad Science (MLS) or Physiology?

  47. What are the requirement to study mass communication in lasu as direct entry and subject combination for waec

    • WAEC subject combination (requirements) for Mass Communication
      You’re expected to have at least 5 credits on the required WAEC subject combination needed to study Mass Communication in Nigeria universities. These subjects combination are also applicable to other O’level exams such as NECO AND GCE. The O level requirement, that is, the required WAEC subject combination for Mass Communication must include:

      English Language
      Any three other subjects.
      A trade subject

  48. hello, please i want to obtain this upcoming jamb form but i don't know what course to choose with my o level result: English B3, mathematics C4, economics C5, chemistry C6, biology D7, physics D7 that are fair statement.

  49. Pls i scored 189 and i want to study microbiology and i choose lasu as my first and second choice do i have any chance

  50. i finish my nd 2017 and want to apply for lasu direct entry in 2020 can still be offer admission to study accounting or i do change of course to public admin. i have 3.42 as my gp

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