Is It Possible to Change Course at 200 Level in The University?

Is It Possible to Change Course at 200 Level in The University?

Each year after the conclusion of the JAMB examination, During admission processes, most students usually find themselves being given admission for a course they didn’t even register for. However, I’ve once mentioned that it is possible to change the course after being admitted.

Is it possible to changing your course when you complete year 1 at the university? Are all universities allowing students to change courses going to 200 levels or year 2? What will be required of a student trying to achieve this?

These and a few other similar questions will be answered in this post.


Courses Allowed Are Usually Within Same Faculties

This may be different from one university to the other. If a university will allow you to change course, it usually does that with courses within the same faculties.

For example, a student who was in the department of Nursing at 100 level may be allowed to cross to Medicine, Pharmacy, and the likes going to the 200 level. This is because Nursing and the about-to-cross-to course are from the same faculty/College of Health/Medicine.

A student from education faculty may not be allowed to change to Medical Rehabilitation. Agric students may not be allowed to cross to the Engineering department.

However, some universities allow students to move across different faculties and departments. This is placed on the fact that students, at 100 levels, usually attend the same classes or run the same courses. Hence, it may not be difficult for them to cope if they’re allowed to cross from their present departments to others.

A Specific GP is Usually a Prerequisite

Making an attempt to change course at the end of your 100 level is usually not the issue. The problem is the GP/Grade that the university may demand in order to do that.

For instance, a university may run an overall point of 5 as the Grade Point Average (GPA). In order to cross to 200 levels of another course, the university may request such a student to produce 4.5 or above.

Can you produce that?

That is the concern you have to think about before anything. If you’re academically upright (or you can work towards the goal), it’s nothing unachievable.

However, very many trials had been let down due to their inability to meet up.

Other Alternatives If Changing the Course Will Not Work

You can write another JAMB UTME. However, don’t rush to do that without reading this post. It will save you some problems.
  1. You can change the institution and course entirely through the inter-university transfer admission.
  2. You can complete your course at hand. Then, do Direct Entry to the target course. Some universities allow you to use Bsc for DE into 300 level of your desired course.
  3. You can complete your course at hand. Then, do a top-up degree with your targeted course.
  4. You can complete your course at hand. Then, go for a Master’s Degree in your targeted course.


Changing course while proceeding to 200 level is easier said than done. There are requirements to meet up with – as detailed in the post. Know that not all universities allow inter-faculties crossing. Academic points required may also be overwhelming and much more.

But it is worth giving a try if you know what you’re up to from the very start.

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