How to Turn on Gmail’s Dark mode on iPhone and Android

Gmail’s Dark mode is a new feature that is available on Android version 10 commonly known as Android Q version.

It will also be available to upcoming Android versions.

The dark mode will make viewing of Gmail more customized and easy for users.

It is an applaudable upgrade which ensures that smartphone saves more battery when used in viewing Google mails.

The theme comes in 3 different varients. They are light, dark and the device’s default theme.

Irrespective of the choice, the output will always result in a customized, easy, fast and battery efficient Gmail mode.

In this post, we will be revealing the steps involved in how to activate the mode on your mobile gadget.

Step 1. Open your Gmail app.
Step 2. Looking at the top left corner of the mail, you Will see a “menu” icon. Click on it.
Step 3. Tap the “settings” icon and click on the “general settings”
Step 4: Go to Theme and choose one of the three varieties.

This will switch the normal Gmail mode to Dark mode.

If you have gone through the above process, kindly share your experience so that others learn.

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