How To Recover A Lost JAMB Email Address, PIN or Profile Code

How To Recover A Lost JAMB Email Address, PIN or Profile Code

Have you forgotten the email address used for JAMB registration? or you are looking for a way to retrieve your lost JAMB profile code? then this article just what you need to read.

If this is your first time registering for JAMB, then read JAMB subject combination for all courses. likewise, see how to retrieve your JAMB profile password if you have forgotten.


Usually, Before you can successfully register for JAMB, you need to have your email address, purchased JAMB pin, and profile code. if any of this is lost or missing, you will not be able to complete the registration.

How To Retrieve JAMB Email Address

If you have forgotten your E-mail address used for JAMB registration, you can easily get that on your JAMB examination slip.


And if you have misplaced your exam slip, what you need to do is re-print your JAMB slip.


How To Retrieve A Lost JAMB Profile Code

These are the three ways to retrieve a lost JAMB profile code;

  • Retrieve JAMB Profile code through SMS
  • Recover Lost JAMB Profile code through JAMB E-facility
  • Retrieve a lost JAMB profile code through email

Usually, The profile code is a 10 character code JAMB sends to your mobile device after confirming your interest in the annual examination. It is the very first step to take during registration.

Retrieve JAMB Profile code through SMS

Using the sim card initially used to generate the code,

  • Text RESEND to 55019 using the mobile phone number you used for registering your profile.
  • After that, wait a few minutes and you’ll receive an SMS from 55019 containing your 10 character profile code.

As I have stated above, you must send the message using the mobile phone number you registered with, otherwise, you won’t receive any message.

Recover Lost JAMB Profile code through JAMB E-facility Portal

  1. Visit JAMB portal by clicking Jamb eFacility
  2. Input your valid email address and password and log in.
  3. Your JAMB profile code will be shown to you at the top of your dashboard as seen in the image below
  4. retrieve-JAMB-profile-code

Retrieve a lost JAMB profile code through Email

In order to check for your profile code in the email:

  1. Log in to your email you used while creating the profile
  2. Locate the message sent to you that very day.
  3. The message that contains the profile code will look like the one below.
  4. recover-JAMB-profile-code

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