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How To Pass NECO 2020/2021 Examination [Secrets Revealed]

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How to pass NECO examination without cheating?- As you may want to know, NECO 2020/2021 examination date is fast approaching and the best advice I can give you is to start preparing towards it.

Although I have already written on how to pass waec 2020/2021 examination and also how to pass jamb 2020/2021 examination which you may be interested to read as well, because am sure it’ll work for you.

They are many reason why students fail NECO and why they’ll still fail, forgive me for that,  The sweet part is this failure can be prevented in various ways, and that’s why am writing this article(Best guide to put a stop to failure and pass NECO).

Below I’ll tell you why students fail NECO examination and how to prevent it.

In a rephrase, This article will open your eyes towards certain areas that’ll jail break failure and blast Neco examinations with ease, So if you’re one the students that has been looking for a guide on how to pass neco examination for 2020/2021 easily, then you should have it in mind that this article will give you everything you actually need to pass in flying colours.

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Why Students Fail NECO Examination?

Although they’re various reasons why students fail neco examination, But little out of them will be attended to here today on Flash Academy.

This heading explains reasons why students fail NECO, mean while they’ll say NECO is hard!, Although I’ll still explain in dichotomy as to whether NECO is hard or not to make this article elan.

1. The number one reason why students fail NECO examination is because they’ll never want to read this article.

2. The second reason is they want success without price, but I must tell you “success is gotten but with prices to pay”.

One of the key points on how to pass NECO examination is you must be ready to pay the price. Although I’ll still get to that.

3. The third reason is something is telling you to stop reading this(its the devil). It’s better you don’t stop and read it to end if truly you want to know how to pass NECO examination.

4. Another reason why students fail NECO examination is they don’t read instructions well before jumping to answer questions.

But I must say this, instructions are part of examination. I personally had a teacher back then in my secondary school that scores you for following instructions. Waec examiners can do the same.

In other words, to pass NECO examination, you have to painstakingly read instructions on your question paper before jumping to answer them.

How to pass NECO

Is NECO examination Hard?

I know you’ve actually heard stories, people telling you NECO examination is harder than WAEC and some other examination, well today you get the truth and stop creating fear in your heart.

The truth here is; NECO examination Is actually not hard.

I know you’ll be like why then do people find it difficult to pass NECO very well or hardly get higher grades in it.

Well I must tell you this; the reason why people think to pass NECO is hard or fail NECO is that the system of marking implemented in neco is actually Strict. 

How to Pass NECO 2020/2021 Examination.

In summary to what I’ve explained above, Students don’t fail NECO examination because they’re not smart neither dull. If you really want to hack in to the secrete of how to pass NECO 2020/2021 examination, I’ll advice you to painstakingly read the below because the game has just started;

The only epitome to pass NECO is this article!

  1. Apply Equanimity
  2. Be fastidious
  3. Study more of NECO past Questions and Answers.
  4. Start Reading for NECO examination now

Apply Equanimity Rule

Well one of the main reason why students fail NECO examination is fear which tends to stress their mental capability and one of the ways on how to pass NECO examination is to apply equanimity which means emotional calmness and balance in times of stress and confusion.

Yeah! I won’t tell you not to be scared, it’s part of the process of success.

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You should fear!

Forget Everything And Run 🏃

Or you

Face Everything And Rise

Be Fastidious

Pass neco

This is an epitome to one of the keypoints explain earlier on how to pass NECO examination which is to pay attention to instructions.

To be fastidious actually implies that you pay every possible attention to details. To pass NECO examination, you need to read inbetween the lines of both your books,textbooks and your examination slip when you get to examination hall.

As my Dad will say;

The story to glory lies in the details

Start Reading For NECO examination Now

How to pass NECO

One thing many candidates always get wrong, is the time they start preparing for Neco examination. To some candidates the right time to start preparing and reading for Neco examination, is when Neco registration starts. But this is a big lie and the wrong decision, However, your preparation towards neco should start long ago even before the released of its form.

Yes! I agree to the fact that there is no particular time for a student to start preparing and reading for NECO because, “The right time” in this sense, is relative to person. But even at that, to start  preparation for Neco when registration has commence is not a good idea. You can read my article on the best time to start preparing for examination here.This article clearly explain the right time for every student to start preparing for jamb,waec,neco,nabteb and other examination bodies.

4. Study More of neco past questions and answers:

If you noticed, among all the materials needed to prepare and pass Neco examination i mentioned, neco past questions and answers was emphasised greatly on. This is because, past questions and answers are the most tentative tool to pass Neco. I mean, if you read only your Neco past questions and answers carefully and ardently, you can score up to As in many subjects.


You will agree with me that to pass NECO examination is actually not a big deal if the steps highlighted in this article are followed.

In a recap, to pass NECO examination, there’s always a price to pay which has been explained in details right in this article.

I hope I have been able to answer your question as go how to pass NECO examination once and for all?.

Do not forget to drop your comments expressing your mind concerning this article and if you have any questions you may drop them also.


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