How To Calculate JAMB and Departmental Cut Off Mark 2020 (Updated)

How To calculate jAMB and Departmental cut off mark for 2020/2021 session – This is for all universities, polytechnics, and college of education, how their cutoff mark is calculated with jamb and O’Level for all departments.

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How To Calculate Jamb and  Departmental Cut Off Mark.

Now here’s the gist, the departmental cut off mark is calculated based on these steps I’ll be listing below and we’ll do a practical example on how exactly this works.

The number of sittings for O’Level:

The first thing we’ll consider is the number of sittings a candidate is using. Please do take note of every section.

For One Sitting candidates, automatically it’s a 10(ten) Marks, While if he’s to be using Two Sittings, that’s a total of 3(three) Marks. Meanwhile, it’s the total marks obtainable for O’Level is 10 Marks. Here, candidates with one sitting are always of the advantage as this will boost their marks.

O’Level Result Grades Of 5 subjects.

Another thing to consider on calculating the jamb and the departmental cut off mark is the grades of 5major O’Level result which is represented from A1 to F9, each carrying different points as well.

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A1- 6marks

B2, B3 = 4marks

C4, C5, C6 = 3marks

While the Total marks obtainable is 30marks, at the same time, the grade a candidate has here will be of advantage.

JAMB UTME Score Grades

This is another major factor in calculating jamb and departmental cut off marks as originally if you didn’t have a higher score here, gaining admission into any university is on edge although, Some universities don’t mind low jamb grades.

Now let’s dive in, The total mark obtainable for jamb is 60marks ranging from a particular mark, which is listed below;

180-185 = 20marks

186 – 190 = 21marks

191 – 195 = 22marks

196 – 200 = 23 marks

201 – 205 = 24marks

206 – 210 = 25 marks

211 – 215 = 26 marks

216 – 220 = 27 marks

221 – 225 = 28 marks

226 – 230 = 29 marks

231 – 235 = 30 marks 

236 – 240  = 31 marks 

241 – 245 = 32 marks

246 – 250 = 33 marks

251 – 300 = 34 – 43 marks

300 – 400 = 44 – 60 marks

Having known the above jamb score grading, and how jamb score are graded in their respective marks.

Now we’ll take a practical example of how jamb and departmental cut off marks are calculated for all schools.

How JAMB and Departmental Cutoff marks are Calculated

Let’s take for instance;

Wole is a boy and he had 244 in his jamb which is = 32 marks. And he wants to study Mechanical Engineering.

Which he also had One sitting of O’Level result = 10 marks

In his O’Level result, he had 1 A, 2 Bs and 2Cs = 6 + 8 + 6 = 20marks, to break it down;

1 A = 1 x 6 = 6marks

2 Bs = 2 x 4 (or 4+4)= 8 marks

2Cs = 2 x 3 (or 3+3) = 6marks

Now, Wole has a total O’Level score of 20marks

Calculating it with his Jamb score will go thus;

Aggregate = Jamb score + Numbers of sittings + O’Level Grades score.

Which will be; 32 + 10 + 20 = 62 marks

So Wole has an aggregate of 62 marks, having said this he’ll have to wait for his School to release its cut off mark.

When his school finally releases her cutoff mark and the cutoff mark for engineering was placed at 60marks, Automatically, Woke is qualified to be given admission into the school.

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