How to Block Emails on Gmail: (Desktop & Mobile)

When Is It Required To Block Emails On Gmail?

Blocking electronic mails (email) on Gmail is very easy and straightforward.

If your gmail is a victim of block junk mails, then you have come to the right page.

In Gmail, there is a folder known as the spam folder or inbox. This inbox is responsible for the assembling of huge bulks of junk Gmails that is sent to you.

But there is a case in which the rate of this mails are too much for your spam inbox to handle; which will subsequently required an action from you.

When this happens, you are left with either to scrutinized the mails before deleting or to block the sender completely from sending in the mails.

Alternatively, you can report the mail or inform Google on any phishing attempts.

This will reduce the volume of the sent mails as Google will filter and select mails to fit with your requirements.

However, if you block a company or individual from sending emails to you, then this action is permanent and non reversible.

You can opt for an alternative method if you are uncertain and skeptical.

But if you think those sent mails comes with the purpose to siphon your finances or scam, then blocking these unwarranted emails is required to provide protection from impending fraud.

How to Block Emails on Gmail: (Desktop & Mobile)

To block unwanted mails from heaping on your account, follow these simple steps:

Step 1.

Head to your Gmail account and open the email – that is, Gmail in this case.

Step 2.

Looking at the upper right corner of the Gmail, you will see a three dotted area; Click it and a menu with “More” button will appear.

Step 3.

Here, you will see an option for “Report phishing” and “Block” accompanied by the mail address.
At this point, it is left for you to decide but if you still insist, click on the latter option.

This will do the trick and ensure that additional task of scrutinizing mail is eliminated whenever you visit your gmail account.

For those that have gone through the procedures, Kindly give us your input through the comment box.

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