FUTA Cut off Mark (JAMB & Departmental) 2021/2022 Session

FUTA Cut Off Mark 2021: Federal University of Technology, Akure, FUTA cut off mark (both JAMB and Departmental) for the 2021/2022 session admission exercise. If you scored exactly or above the prescribed cut off mark for the department you applied for, that means you are may be considered for admission, and getting marks below cut off means you may not be considered for admission.

Information reaching us today shows that the Federal University of Technology, Akure (Also called FUTA) has released her 2021/2022 departmental cuto mark for all courses.

FUTA departmental cut off mark for 2021/2022 academic session was made known to the general public by the university management in October 2021.

FUTA departmental cutoff mark

Have known this, every student who took part in FUTA 2021/2021 screening examination is highly advised to check the cutoff mark for their departments below, to know whether they will be offered admission through the university’s first admission list or not.

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Is FUTA cut Off mark for 2021/2022 out?

No! The Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) has not yet released her 2021/2022 Departmental cut Off mark for all courses.

However, it is very certain that the university will release her cutoff mark before the end of November 2021. Thus, if you want us to inform you when the cutoff mark is out, i advise you to continue checking this page from time to time.

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What is JAMB cutoff mark for FUTA?

We are pleased to inform the general public especially aspirants of the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) that the JAMB cut off mark for 2021/2022 academic session is 200.

So, before any student can be offered admission into FUTA through JAMB CAPS, that student must score up to 200 in JAMB UTME.

It should be noted that scoring up to 200 does not guarantee your admission into FUTA. If you want to gain admission into the university, you must meet other requirements given by the university management to all aspirants.

FUTA 2020/2021 Departmental Cutoff Mark

FUTA Departmental Cutoff Mark 2020/2021

Faculty of Engineering and Engineering Technology, SEET

  1. AGE – 55.12
  2. CPE – 69.62
  3. CVE – 71.87
  4. EEE – 74.37
  5. ICT – 49.75
  6. IPE – 47.5
  7. MEE – 73.75
  8. MME – 54.87
  9. MNE – 54.75

Faculty of Health and Mineral Sciences, SEMS

  1. AGP – 47.5
  2. AGY – 47.5
  3. MST – 47.5
  4. MCS – 47.5
  5. RSG – 47.5

Faculty of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology, SAAT

  1. AEC – 47
  2. APH – 55.37
  3. ARE – 47.5
  4. CSP – 47.5
  5. EWM – 47.
  6. 5FAT – 47.5
  7. FST – 58.12
  8. FWT – 47.5

Faculty of Environmental Technology, SET

  1. ARC – 72.87
  2. BDG – 56.62
  3. ESM – 47.5
  4. IDD – 53.25
  5. QSV – 57
  6. SVG – 64.25
  7. URP – 52.87

Faculty of Computing, SOC

  1. CSC – 69
  2. IFT – 63.75
  3. IFS – 63.75
  4. CSS – 63.75
  5. SEN – 63.75

Faculty of Science, SOS

  1. BCH – 63.37
  2. BIO – 47.5
  3. BTH – 47.5
  4. CHE – 47.5
  5. MCB – 63
  6. MTS – 59
  7. PHY – 47.5S
  8. TA – 47.5

Faculty of Health and Health Technology, SHHT

  1. ANA – 59.5
  2. BIM – 47.5
  3. PHS – 57.25

How to calculate FUTA Post UTME Aggregate

Many students find it very difficult to calculate FUTA post UTME aggregate because the process is apparently not very easy. Nevertheless, in this section, I will teach you how to calculate your FUTA screening aggregate in a very lucid way. Now, here we go.

To calculate FUTA aggregate;

Get you O’level point using the grading system below:

  1. A1 – 6 Point
  2. B2 – 5 Points
  3. B3 – 4 Points
  4. C4 – 3 Points
  5. C5 – 2 Points
  6. C6 – 1 point

Maximum point is 30.

You are to calculate your O’level score for only your 5 major subjects (That is, those subjects related to the course you want to study in school).

After getting your O’level point, covert it to percentage.

For example, if your total point is 25, what you have to do in other to convert it to a percentage, is divide it by the total point (30) and multiply it by 100. That is, 25/30 * 100 = 83.33%.

Now, calculate your UTME score by dividing it by 4. For example, if your UTME score is 230, divide 230 by 4. 230/4 = 57%.

Finally, you have to add your total score in O’level and UTME and divide by 2. So using the example above, your final post UTME aggregate will be;

83.33 * 57 / 2 = 70.2

That becomes your aggregate.

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Yeah! That is FUTA departmental cut off mark for the 2020/2021 academic session. Like I will always say, don’t forget to keep checking on this page, if you want us to inform you when FUTA departmental cut off mark for 2021/2022 academic session will be out.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions or contribute to this topic, do well to let me know using the comment section.

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