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Effects Of Political Apathy In Nigeria


This article was written to clearly highlight the effects of political apathy in Nigeria. If you really want to know the consequences of not participating in Nigerian politics, i enjoin you to read this article till the end.

Effects of political apathy in Nigeria

Political apathy is a common phenomena in Nigeria today. Many citizens have given up political participation because of various reasons. For example, in the just concluded 2019 presidential election, it was reported that about 45% of the total number of people in Nigeria, didn’t exercise their franchise. This alone has highlighted the large extent of political apathy in Nigeria.

Nonetheless, it is apparent that if this should continue in Nigeria, its consequences will be very disastrous. That is exactly what i will be letting you know today. After reading this article, you will be able to tell the possible effects of political apathy in Nigeria in the next 10years. But before that, i would like to briefly explain what political party means.

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What is political apathy:

Account to Wikipedia, Political apathy is a feeling of disinterest in the sense of politics or apathy towards politics. A person is said to be political apathy, when he/she do no contribute or participate in the political affairs of the country. This participation can be by voting during election, joining political party, given your opinion on political issues in the country etc.

Now that you know what political apathy is, i will continue by highlighting the various effects of political apathy in Nigeria.

Effects of political apathy in Nigeria

Below are the possible effects of political apathy in Nigeria:

  1. Political apathy mitigates the idea democracy.
  2. It fosters bad leadership.
  3. Increase in corruption.
  4. Stunted economic growth.
  5. It produces a tyrant as leader.

Those are some of the effects of political apathy in Nigeria. As we continue, i will give detailed information on each of the points stated above.

Political apathy mitigates the idea democracy:

Apparently, democracy is a system of government that encourages citizens to participate in politics and elect anybody who they deem worthy of leading them. This is why popular participation is a very significant characteristic of a democracy. If citizens fail to participate in politics, they are inversely mitigating democracy in their nation.

By not participating in politics or voting during election, it means that democracy cannot be really practiced in that country. Looking at it Internationally, any country where citizens don’t participate in politics is not a true democratic country.

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It fosters bad leadership:

One of the biggest problem Nigeria is currently facing, is the problem of bad leadership. This problem is largely caused by citizens who failed to choose a good leader when they had the opportunity to do so. The bitter truth is that, no good leader can vote himself/herself into power. The electorates (Citizens) are the people responsible for doing that.

Now, when the electorates fails to exercise their civic responsibility (of voting), bad leaders will use that opportunity to manipulate the system, so that they can remain in power. So you see, this is indeed one of the most disastrous effects of bad leadership in Nigeria

Increase in corruption:

Corruption is inevitable where wrong people are the ones controlling the affairs of the state. This is one of consequences of political apathy unknown to many people today. Before corruption can be given a good fight in Nigeria, citizens must learn to always participate in the politics of their country. This is because, political apathy is one of the originators of corruption in Nigeria.

More so, it should be noted that the reason why most politicians are not accountable for their actions is because, the citizens pay no attention to their actions in office. So they are always at liberty to do whatever they feel like when they are in office.

Stunted economic growth:

Another possible effect of political apathy in Nigeria is slow economic growth. There is always a slow or poor growth in economic development when political powers are in the hands of the wrong people. For this reason, it is right to say political apathy will indirectly lead to a stunted economic growth and development.

In Nigeria, it is has been confirmed that the country is blessed with natural resources. But due to bad leadership, poor management and policies, these resources can not be fully utilised. In all, political apathy still remain the major causative factor because, bad leaders can’t come into power where citizens are sole bent on ensuring the political development of their country.

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It produces a tyrant as leader:

A tyrant is a leader who is superior to every other political body in the system. He is not controlled by the laws of the state neither can his actions be questioned. This can be the result of not participating in politics. When good citizen fail to make their choice of leader known by voting, tyrants will come into power for their own cynic purpose.

For example, sometime in 2019 – 2020, the president of Nigeria was said to have violated the constitution by removing the then Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) unlawfully. This was a trending topic at that time. But the truth is that, if Nigerians where politically active; it wouldn’t have been so. It is obviously because the president knows that his followers were apolitical, that he did what he felt was right to him.


Having said this, it is prima facie clear that by not participating in Nigerian politics, citizens are not only harming themselves but the nation at large. In light of this, i advise everyone who has read this article; to always participate in politics because, it is what we contribute to the political system today that will determine our future tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed this article?

Don’t forget to direct your questions and contributions to me using the comment section below. I will be very glad to give you a reply.

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