DSTV Subscription Packages, Plans and Prices in Nigeria

The biggest satellite in Nigeria is known as the DSTV. DSTV has many packages an plan to subscribe for, in Nigeria, many families prefer using the Dstv due to it wide coverage signal. It’s also the largest cable Tv in Africa.

The prepaid Tv has on its list the cheapest to the most expensive packages pending on what individual could afford. The prepaid Tv has available plans for everyones capacity.

Dstv is owned by South Africans and managed by multi choice, some interesting features about this is sports. Multi choice offers compact plus package for lovers of sports, it’s known as the cheapest among the satellite series.

The compact plus deal more on sport to another packages, it’s offers 90% of premier league matches, Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga and covers more of sporting. The compact plus has more channels which are available in it bouquet.

For sport lovers, the Dstv compact plus is highly recommended, it’s broadcast every update about sporting, it’s also has a crystal clear features with HD display.

DSTV Subscription Packages, Plans and Prices 2021

The packages and bouquet plan for Dstv subscription is highlighted here, more details are also included, the cheapest offer from Dstv starts from #2000 to the standard price for those capable.

DSTV Access package

#2,000 monthly

The Dstv access has over 90+ channel, these include entertainment, movie plus, news, sports and cartoon for kids, it’s the cheapest plan on the Dstv series, it is the most use package in the Dstv series, many average homes use these since they can’t afford the high prepaid package.

The Access package give access to over 90+ channels, these includes local and international channels. The local once includes: AIT, NTA, Silver Bird, African magic, etc. For most international channels are: BBC, Aljazeera, E. Entertainment and super sport. etc.

Dstv Yanga package

#2,500 monthly

The Yanga package is an upgrade of the access package, it’s has 95 channels also with more interesting features, for an average Nigerian, it’s worth getting one, only if you could think of spending your money to purchase something you would enjoy.

The Yanga package also has more of local TV show, which would teach the viewer more on morals and values, especially for the younger ones, it’s includes entertainment and more interesting features.

Dstv Family package

#4,000 monthly

These is a Family package as the name implies, it made for the family for the sole purpose of entertainment, news, music and more interesting plans. Most channel include, Sony Max, Africa magic movie, Nickelodeon, kidsco and cartoon network for kids.

In the rang of Dstv, the family package is mostly used by many families, it’s also give access to more channels like CNN, EURO News, Mnet series with more interesting once. It’s has over 55 digital channels.

The Family package has 120 channels in store for every family, including most Nigerian comedy, like the Jenifer diary etc. Also are the religious programs, news, entertainment and cartoon for kids. It’s made for everyone.

Dstv Confam package

#4,500 monthly

Confam package is another cheep plan for Dstv, it has 120+ channels it’s another family entertainment package made for everyone.

Dstv Compact package

#6,800 monthly

The Compact package has another most use and entertaining package from Dstv, it offers both foreign and local station.

Mostly the packages is for premium user with variety of cool movie channels. The primium channels are M-net action and M-net series including National geographic (Nat geowild) solely for entertainment purpose.

The compact package has over 190+ channels, this premium package has many interesting guide, like the supersport 7 and 10. It’s made for everyone, go for premium.

Dstv Premium

#15,800 monthly

The premium package gives u more special fantastic experience than other bouquet, it also enables one to view on SD/HD channels, it’s still the best package Dstv has so far, more classiq channels like the boomerang, supersport 3, discovery channel, an more HD available channels.

The premium combines with all other bouquet to make up over 250+ channels, with interesting features, more technological research are displayed. It’s still stands quality among it’s pears.

Dstv Access Channels in Nigeria 2021

Here are comprehensive list of the Dstv Access Channels, check your favorite channels below.

Zea world


African Magic Family

BBC World

M-net Movie

Fox Life

African Magic Hausa

African Magic Igbo


African Sport Blitz

E entertainment

Supersport 9

Cartoon network

Galaxy tv

Fashion one

Discovery Family HD

Jim Jam

Euro Sport News


Disney Junior

Mindset learn

Sound city

Hip tv

Al jazeera

CNBC Africa


NTA International


National geographic

Arise tv

Urban tv

Channels tv

Silverbird tv

Christian tv an moreā€¦

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