Documents Required for EBSU Clearance: Full List

After gaining admission into Ebonyi State University (EBSU), one of the important things you should do next, is clearance. But before moving to Ebonyi, you have to know the list of documents required for EBSU clearance. This will help to ensure that you do not make any mistake or forget any vital document when coming.

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So, if you are a newly admitted student of Ebonyi State University (EBSU) and you haven’t done your clearance yet, here is the list of documents needed for clearance in EBSU 2021/2023.

Remember, it is pertinent that you are cleared by the school management before starting lectures.

List Of Documents Needed for Clearance In EBSU

Below are the documents you need to do your departmental clearance in EBSU:

  • Local Government ID.
  • Admission notification letter.
  • Acceptance fee receipt.
  • O’level result (s).
  • JAMB UTME result.
  • EBSU online acceptance form.
  • JAMB Admission Letter.
  • Birth certificate/declaration of age.
  • Letter of undertaking.
  • Two office flat files.
  • Passport.

OK. Those are the documents for EBSU clearance. If you do not know any of the documents there, or you have lost any of the documents above. In enjoin you to continue reading as i will give more details about them below.

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Local Government ID:

Your Local Government ID is very essential for clearance in EBSU. In fact, if you don’t come with it, you will not be able to do your clearance successfully. To get this document, you have to search for your local government office in the place you reside. For instance, if i stay in Abuja, i will look for my local government office in Abuja.

When you get there, tell them that you need your local government id, and it will be given to you. Note that you have to pay for it first. The price should be around N1,500 (one thousand five hundred Naira).

Admission notification letter:

Another important document you should come with for your EBSU clearance, is your Admission notification letter. This letter shows that you have accepted the admission EBSU offered to you. Do make sure that you come with the original copy.

Acceptance fee receipt:

Your Acceptance fee receipt is also needed for EBSU departmental clearance. If you have not paid your acceptance fee, you are expected to pay first; before coming for clearance. If you don’t pay, you will not be cleared.

O’level result (s):

More so, you must provide your O’level result before you will be allowed to do your clearance in EBSU. It is important to note that EBSU allow combination of only two O’level results. Coupled with that, you must score up to 5 (five) credits for your O’level result to be accepted for clearance.

I personally recommend that you come with your O’level statement of result too. Sometimes the person in charge may demand for it.

JAMB UTME result:

Your JAMB result is also very important for doing EBSU clearance. Note that it is only the original copy of your JAMB result that will be accepted for clearance. If you bring the normal JAMB result, it will not be accepted.

JAMB original result always carry your name, passport, and the subjects you took during JAMB examination (with scores).

EBSU online acceptance form:

EBSU online acceptance form can be gotten online in the university’s portal. So, if you have not gotten yours, quickly go to the portal and print it. Remember to fill the form accurately before proceeding to the clearance venue.

JAMB Admission Letter:

Another important document you need for EBSU clearance, is your JAMB Admission Letter. Your JAMB Admission Letter is the letter that will display in your JAMB profile after accepting your admission in JAMB CAPS. As directed by the school, you must come with the two copies.

Birth certificate/declaration of age:

It is also very important for EBSU clearance. Anything that can confirm that you were born on a particular day, is acceptable here. Nonetheless, it is preferable to come with your Birth certificate or you declaration of age.

Letter of undertaking:

This letter must be written by your parents or guidance. It must contain the signature of whoever wrote it, and it must be addressed to the registrar of Ebonyi State University (EBSU). If you don’t know what a letter of undertaking looks like, below is a sample.

documents required for EBSU clearance

Two office flat files:

You also need two flat files. These will be used to arrange your documents as directed by the school management. I recommend you go to the school first, before you buy your files.


Lastly, you need copies of a passport you took recently. The passport must not be more than six months, and it should be in red background.

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Okay! Those are the documents required for EBSU clearance in 2021/2011. Remember to ask your questions about these documents in the comment section. I will give you an explicit answer instantaneously. Hope this was helpful.


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