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Full List Of Documents Required For UNN Clearance


One of the hot questions i received lately from many newly admitted UNN students was, “What are the documents required for UNN clearance in 2019?”. Well, for the sake of every fresh UNN student, i have decided to make a special article that will conspicuously list and explain all the prerequisite documents needed for clearance in UNN.

Documents required for UNN clearance 2019/2020

I strongly advise every newly admitted student of UNN to quickly go through this article before proceeding to do clearance in UNN. It will help to avoid every possible mistake, that you are likely to make in the procedure. Meanwhile, you can read my article on how to pay UNN 2019/2020 school fee here. That is, if you have not paid yours school fee yet.


Here are the documents required for UNN clearance:

  • JAMB result slip.
  • Student profile/biodata update.
  • Letter of attestation.
  • O’level result (s).
  • UNN Post-UTME result slip.
  • Affidavit or Baptismal card/Age declaration.
  • Admission notification slip.
  • Page where your name appeared in UNN admission list.
  • Acceptance of admission slip.
  • LGA Identification (ID) or State of Origin Certificate (SOC).
  • School fees receipts.
  • 15 Passports.

Those are the documents for clearance in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). Nevertheless, i advise you to continue reading if you need a vivid explanation of all theses documents. I will explain how you can get all of them easily. Now, here we go!

JAMB result slip:

Your JAMB result slip is the first document you need for clearance in UNN. It is probably impossible to do clearance in UNN without your JAMB result slip. The slip required here, is the original JAMB result slip from JAMB portal. If you don’t know where your JAMB result slip is, simply go to any cyber cafe near your area with at least N1500. Tell them that you want to print your JAMB result slip and it will be done for you.

The slip will contain all the subjects you took in JAMB examination and the score for each subjects.

Student profile/biodata update:

Your profile/biodata update is also prerequisite for clearance in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). The student profile/biodata update must contain every information about you.

  • To get your student profile/biodata update, go to UNN portal,
  • Click on your profile in the portal.
  • Fill the person information form and print the form. That is your profile/biodata update.

Below is an example of UNN student profile/biodata update.

Documents required for UNN clearance

Letter of attestation:

Many students often find it difficult to get their latter of attestation for clearance. Well, it is one of the most important documents you need for clearance in UNN. There are basically two ways to get a letter of attestation. First, you can go to any cyber cafe inside school (UNN), and tell them that you need a latter of attestation. They will quickly construct one and give to you.

Accordingly, you can follow the sample in the image below to write it yourself. Note that the latter must be signed by your parents or guidance.


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O’level result (s):

Your O’level result is also a required document for clearance in UNN. Your O’level result (s) can either be your WAEC result, your NECO result or both your WAEC and NECO result.

While you may be thinking of combining your results, remember that the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) do not allow combination of results for some of her courses.

UNN Post-UTME result slip:

UNN Post-UTME result slip is your original post UTME result from UNN. I believe you must have gotten yours by now. Nevertheless, if you misplaced your own, you can still get it back from UNN portal.

Note: If you are printing your UNN Post-UTME result slip for the first time, you have to pay N1000 (One thousand Naira) to print it.

Affidavit or Baptismal card/Age declaration:

Any of these documents (Affidavit or Baptismal card/Age declaration) is necessary for clearance in UNN. Meanwhile, it is important to bring your Age declaration or Birth certificate if you can. In some cases, the registrar may decide to collect a birth certificate. So, if you have a birth certificate or Age declaration, i will advise you to come with it.

You can bring an affidavit if you cannot get your birth certificate instantaneously. It is allowed too.

Admission notification slip:

Your Admission notification slip is another essential document required for clearance in UNN. This slip can be gotten directly from UNN portal. To get your simply go to a good cyber cafe you know, ask them to print out your UNN Admission notification slip. Pay for the service and that is all.


Page where your name appeared in UNN admission list:

This is also very essential for clearance in UNN. This is the place where you name appeared in UNN admission list (That is, the PDF list). Getting this page is not difficult. If you were admitted through merit list, Click here to download UNN merit admission list. All you have to do, is to print the page where your name appeared.

You may also search for the list from which you where admitted on Google, to check your own name and print it.

Acceptance of admission slip:

Your acceptance of admission slip is the slip that will display in your screen, after accepting your admission in JAMB CAPS.

Students often have problem printing this slip because, even after they see their name in admission list, JAMB CAP is still saying “Admission in progress“. Well if you are having this problem, don’t panic at all. The management of UNN is aware of this. If can get your, fine. If you can’t get your own, then don’t worry. You can skip that.

When i did my clearance in 2017, I had this same problem. But it didn’t affect me during clearance. Just proceed with every other thing. There is no problem.

LGA Identification (ID) or State of Origin Certificate (SOC):

Getting a LGA Identification (ID) or State of Origin Certificate (SOC) is one of the problem students often have. Well, the process is very simple but hectic. All you have to do, is to go to the nearest Headquarters of your Local government in the place you live. Tell them that you need your local government ID, and it will be given to you for at least N2000.

Note that you will be asked many questions about you state and Local government, before it will be given to you.

School fees receipts:

Next is your school fees receipts. This is the last slip that will be printed after paying you school fee. It has a list of all the charges and their amount. Note that your school fee remita will not be allowed in place of the original school fee receipt. You must come with the