Can I Combine WAEC And NECO Result for Admission Into University? See Answer

The question as to whether a person can combine WAEC and NECO results for admission into any university or polytechnic in Nigeria is one of the most asked questions amongst Nigerian students. Just recently, I received an email from one of my visitors saying “Can I combine WAEC and NECO result for admission into the University of Nigeria, Nsukka?”. Well, I gave him an explicit answer to that question. But that notwithstanding, i have decided to make a special post for that question so that nobody else will be perplexed again.

Can i combine WAEC And NECO Result For Admission Into The University Of Nigeria

Meanwhile, if you are yet to take your JAMB examination, I enjoin you to quickly read my article on how to pass JAMB examination excellently here. Trust me; it will be of great help to you too. Now let’s get back to the business of the day!

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Yes! It is possible to combine WAEC and NECO results for admission into any tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Many universities in Nigeria allow for the combination of both WAEC and NECO results. Accordingly, polytechnics in Nigeria also allow the combination of WAEC and NECO results.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that while it is possible to combine both WAEC and NECO results for admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria, not all schools accept it. This is one of the disadvantages of using combined results when seeking admission in Nigeria. More details will be given on this as we continue.

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Important Things You Should Know About Combining WAEC And NECO Result

  • Not all schools in Nigeria accept WAEC and NECO combination. Even if they do, it is not for all courses.
  • In some schools, while 5 credits (In just one sitting) are required for gaining admission, 6 credits are required for two sittings (That is if you want to combine WAEC and NECO).
  • In the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), University of Lagos (UNILAG), University of Benin (UNIBEN), Delta State University (DELSU), and University of Ilorin (UNILORIN), only one of WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB result can be used for admission into medicine and surgery.

Before proceeding to use a combination of WAEC and NECO result for admission, i enjoin you to inquire whether the school you want to study in, accept it. This is very essential.

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Well, that is all I have to say on the question as to whether a person can combine WAEC and NECO results for admission into any tertiary institution in Nigeria. Meanwhile, If you have any questions to ask me, do that using the comment section below this post.

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I want to combine WAEC and NECO GCE result, will Delsu accept it?
My course is Law


If a person failed English and literature in waec can the person write neco

Adams blessing

I have six credit in wace out of eight which I had d7 in lit can and e8 in economic can I still go to theater art but I wanted to enroll the two subject in neco.

Nice guy

I want to study pharmacy also sir and I used both my WAEC and NECO pls am I at a safer side sir coz they said Unilag doesn’t accept 2 sittings


Pls bro I wanna study pharmacy in unilag but I used 2 sittings …. How sure can this be !!!!


I have e8 in my weac result can I still gain admission


pls can waec and neco results of different years be used for law in unical or uniport?

Onyechege precious

Subjects required for public relations

Precious onyechege

public relations required subjects

Precious onyechege

Is public relations a course


Can i use 2017 and combine it wit 2019 resuit 2 gain adm


what course can I study with this neco results, English c6, mathematics c5, biology c5, economics c5,, agriculture c5… thanks

[…] Must Read: See how combine WAEC and NECO results for admission in Nigeria. […]

[…] Must Read: See how combine WAEC and NECO results for admission in Nigeria. […]


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