JAMB Change of Course & Institution Closing Date For 2021/2023

JAMB Change of course, Institution and data correction form has been released hence it worthwhile to get the form as soon as possible because the closing date is here as well.

The same week the JAMB change of course and Institution form was released uncountable numbers students has asked me when the JAMB change of course will close and not to forget many are still asking while others are hence searching.

That is the main purpose of this article to get the information circulated to those who doesn’t have the opportunity to ask me directly.

Is JAMB Change of course & Institution Still On?

The answer is Yes! Certainly you can still pay for the change of course/Institution and still successful get your data corrected without difficulty. To do that reference the guide on how to do JAMB change of course/Institution here.

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When Will JAMB Change of course & Institution Close?

The answer to this is that, JAMB change of course and Institution form does not have a specific closing date.

Hence the process continues till admission processes end for the year.

Please note that this was confirmed by the former JAMB registrar Fabian Benjamin (Mr Benjamin) back then in an interview in 2017/2018 admission session.

In quote.

“It is a continuous exercise and we do not intend to close the procedure; it will only close after admission has been concluded.

The same has always been used since then, hence applicable to the 2021/2023 admission academic session as well.

In light of this, JAMB change of course and institution portal for 2021 will remain open until end of admission exercise.

To clarify, you can still make those changes as there is technically no closing date for it. When admission ends, you can’t even get admission into any school, let alone change from one to another.

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Lastly, I have provided a means to track the JAMB 2021/2023 admission processes. So you can always visit here to know when JAMB will start giving admission for 2021 and when it will ends as well.

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