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How Can I Change My Course After Gaining Admission? Can I Change My Course After Accepting admission on JAMB Caps? How To Do Change Of Course After Admission.

This is the recent question I was asked by a student in a comment. One way another, I must have answered related questions about changing course while already in 200 level and changing course after post UTME. But this particular question as well looks unique and many students are confused about it and many answers they must have come across from different blogs. But trust me, I will give a broader and clearer answer to this today.

Now you’re ready? Let’s have a short gist…

Now it is one thing to be given admission to study a course and it is another thing to be offered admission to study your dream course.

Meaning, You may be given admission for an alternate course because you didn’t meet up your desired course requirements. In this case, You don’t have to reject the admission offer. instead, you accept it. But is it still possible to change the course to your preferred course after accepting the admission?

Don’t be in a rush as I will take time to analyze some pieces of stuff to make this clearer.

Can I Change My Course After Getting Admission?

The Answer is NO

You can’t Change course after getting admission. However, there are few things to put into consideration, and switching could be a better alternative.

It’s not possible to change the given course on the JAMB CAPS as soon as you accept the offer.

A confused candidate had directed the same question to JAMB. And the answer was capital NO.

It’s very accurate to say that the candidate couldn’t change his or her mind after admitting guilt and accepting the admission offer.

The answer came to me so quickly and clearly. As a result, the body was short on both space and time to elaborate further.


If you accepted a course on CAPS and were later offered a different one, it’s safe to assume that JAMB will not allow you to change courses. In contrast, if your JAMB CAPS score has been upgraded, you will have the option to enroll in a new program.

There is one last option for candidates who can’t get around the inflexibility of JAMB, which I’ve already covered in this post.

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