Can I Use The Same Email Twice For JAMB? – See Answer

Can I Use The Same Email Twice For JAMB? – See Answer here. 

Is it possible to use same email address to register for JAMB twice? To mkae this question straight forward, we can say can I use the same email I used to register for previous JAMB again this year?

I have come across students whom are confused of what to do when it comes to documents and and their education online documents. The truth is it’s no one’s fault.

Yes! Every one of us is ignorant to one thing or the other when it comes to handling credentials.

Jamb cut off mark 2021/2022 for all schools

Without further ado, in this article I am going to answer whether it is possible to use an email address to register for JAMB twice or not.

If you are ready to know, let’s take the ride together. Note! I’ll be the driver this time 😂.

Enough of the fun. Before I proceed to answering this question, it is imperative to note that this article is purposely for those who has once registered for JAMB examination and are confused if they could use the same email address for registration again.

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Can I use an Email Twice for JAMB Registration?

The answer is Yes! You can use the same email address to register for JAMB twice and as many times as possible.

However, Though it is possible to use the same phone number and email address used in previously conducted JAMB registration again this year but it is not safe to do so.

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