How To Calculate YABATECH Aggregate Score 2021/2022

YABATECH aggregate Score for 2021/2022 is out, I will show how you can calculate your aggregate score for YABATECH Post UTME, YABATECH departmental cut off marks compared with the YABATECH aggregate score.

After you might have written YABATECH Post UTME examination that was recently conducted and you’ve also seen your results, it’s wise you know how to calculate YABATECH aggregate score and post-UTME aggregate score.

The aggregate score will be correlated to compare with YABATECH departmental cut off mark and all candidates who succeeded in beating the Departmental Cut off mark shall be admitted while those who didn’t meet up the departmental cut off mark shall be given the grace to apply for a change of course to that which their score meets.

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However, today we’ll be looking at how to calculate the YABATECH aggregate score for 2021/2022 Admission. If you’ve been searching for the steps to calculate YABTECH aggregate score 2021. You should have it in mind that this article will answer all your long-awaited questions. In light of this, I enjoin you to read this article painstakingly.

How To Calculate YABATECH Aggregate Score

All the steps highlighted here shows the step by step guide to calculate and arrive at your YABATECH aggregate score.

Divide your JAMB score by 400 and multiply by 50 (JAMB score/400 *50). Let assume you scored 220 in JAMB, so divide 220 by 400 and multiply by 50. See the mathematical expression

200/400 * 50 = 25

After you have calculated your JAMB aggregate, the next step is your O’ level.

Calculate your O’level aggregate using the YABATECH O’level grading system.

Here is the grading system that was used for last year’s admission. The same grading system might be used for this year. Admission

A1 = 8.0 Marks.
B2 = 7.20 Marks.
B3 = 6.40 Marks.
C4 = 5.60 Marks.
C5 = 4.80 Marks.
C6 = 4.0 Marks.

For NABTEB, use the grading system below;

A1 = 8.0 Marks.
A2 = 7.20 Marks.
A3 = 6.40 Marks.
C4 = 5.60 Marks.
C5 = 4.80 Marks.
C6 = 4.0 Marks.

After you have calculated your total O’level aggregate, write down the score, and add up together.

For example:

(8.0+ 7.20 +7.20 + 8.0 + 6.40 = 36.80)

Bonus Score
YABATECH gives candidates that are applying with one sitting O’level result 10 marks while candidates that are combining two sitting O’level results get 5 Marks.

Now that you have gotten the scores in the three stages, add the scores from the stages together that will form your aggregate so this How To Calculate Yabatech Aggregate Scores

For example
Your JAMB score is 25
Your O’level grade is 38.8
Bonus point is 10
To sum up (25+36.8+10) = 71.8%

This is all we have to say for now on the topic How to calculate YABATECH aggregate score for 2021/2022 admission processes, if you have any questions about the topic, please do let us know in the comment below.

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What about the post utme score, are we summing that up as well?


I score 150 in my jamb and 12 in the post utme my chemistry biology physics math and English is b3 will i be giving admission for nutrition and dietetic

Last edited 20 days ago by Joy

I scored 186 in jamb and math b2,chem b3,futh math c4, eng c4,phy c6 in my waec (one sitting)and 10/30 is my post utme online test I did recently, would I be accepted to study architecture with that.

Obalowu Ayinla

My aggregate score is 76.375 will I able to study accounting

Obalowu Ayinla

Have they started their screening exam

Obalowu Ayinla

My aggregate is 69.25 am I going to get addmision to study accounting and is it going to be add to my post utme?


my aggregate is 60.25 will i be able to study computer science


My aggregate is 56.1,will I be able to study computer science

Ogunleye adetutu deborah

What about the the post utme score?
Are we adding it with d score

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