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How To Calculate ABSU Aggregate Score 2019/2020

ABSU school fee for 2019/2020 session

Since the prestigious Abia state University (ABSU) finished her Post UTME screening examination lately, one of the top questions asked by ABSU aspirants who took the examination, is “how can i calculate ABSU aggregate score”. Well, if that is the reason why you came here, you don’t have to panic at all. Today, i will show you how to calculate ABSU post UTME aggregate score 2019.

calculate ABSU aggregate score

Meanwhile, I am also very pleased to announce to you that ABSU has released her departmental cutoff mark for 2019/2020 academic session. You can CLICK HERE to view the 2019 ABSU cutoff mark. So back to today’s topic.

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Calculating ABSU aggregate is very easy. Follow the steps below to calculate yours.

  • Simply multiply your jamb score by 0.6 and divide the result by 4.
  • Also multiply your Post UTME screening score by 0.4.
  • Finally, add the results you got from the above calculation.

Let’s take for instance, if Edeh Chukwuemeka Samuel applied for a courses in ABSU, and his Post UTME screening score is 50. JAMB score is 250. His aggregate will be calculated thus:

For JAMB score: 250 * 0.6 = 150
150/4 = 37.5

For Post UTME screening: 55 * 0.4 = 22

His ABSU aggregate score will then be 37.5 + 22 = 60.

That is how to calculate Abia state university screening aggregate score yourself!

It is pertinent to have it in mind that, Abia state University (ABSU) does not only consider Post UTME screening score and JAMB examination score when offering admission. You must provide other requirements given by the school. For example, your O’level result must have a minimum of 6 Credits (C).

Also you must make the university your first choice etc. Even if you aggregate is up to ABSU cutoff mark for your intended course, you may not be offered admission if you do not complete the requirements of the university.

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That is all on how to calculate ABSU aggregate score. Remember to contact me if you have any problem calculating your aggregate. I will be very glad to help you out.


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