Best Free JAMB CBT Apps 2019 For Android phones and PC

The internet is flooded with so many websites claiming to have the best JAMB CBT App. However, it is apparent that not all these JAMB mobile applications in the internet; are really good for JAMB practice. In light of this, i have decided to share the best free JAMB CBT apps in 2019. From my assiduous analysis, the JAMB CBT apps below are the best. Thus, i personally recommend them for all JAMB 2019 candidates.

best free jamb cbt apps

Meanwhile, i would like you to also read my article on how to prepare and pass 2019/2020 JAMB examination without malpractice. Trust me; this article will go a long way to help you pass 2019 JAMB examination. Now lets go back to the topic of today.

Note: The apps below can work partially without any money. Though, you have to activate them to get all their features. Just select anyone you like and start using. If you have the money to fully activate it, then activate it for your good.

More so, if you know that you don’t have money to fully activate any of the apps below, i advise you to check my list of free online JAMB CBT websites; also in this article. You don’t need any money to use them. They are totally free.

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Below are the best free JAMB CBT apps for Android phones:

  • PASS.NG’s JAMB CBT practice software.
  • Flashlearners JAMB CBT app.
  • Myschool JAMB CBT practice mobile app.
  • MSGist JAMB CBT Practice app.
  • Currentschoolnews JAMB CBT software for Android and PC.
  • JAMB CBT app.
  • Try JAMB CBT.

Those are the best free/paid JAMB CBT apps in Nigeria today. Nevertheless, if you really want to know what all these apps are made of, join me as i explain each of the apps highlighted above. This will help to corroborate the authenticity of this article. Now here we go!

PASS.NG’s JAMB CBT practice software:

Which JAMB CBT app is the best in Nigeria?

PASS.NG’s JAMB CBT PRACTICE SOFTWARE is probably the best free CBT app in Nigeria. This app is proudly owned by (One of the most reliable education websites in Nigeria). PASS.NG’s JAMB CBT app has so many features. It gives you details like the tracks of user, mark and score with detailed explanation and statistics of area of strength and weaknesses in all topics.

Above all,’s JAMB CBT Practice software does not need internet connection to get working. It can work offline. So you need not to worry about your data. No doubt, this is one of the best CBT mobile apps ever. Click here to download this app for free.

Flashlearners Jamb CBT App:

Best JAMB CBT APP 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

Flashlearners Jamb CBT App is another awesome JAMB CBT app. It is owned by (Another great education website in Nigeria). The core reason why i recommend you to get this app is because, you don’t necessarily have to activate the app to start practicing. You can choose to continue managing the limited features the app has, until you have enough money to fully activate it.

Flashlearners Jamb CBT App offers you up to 16,000 past questions from JAMB, inbuilt calculator and more importantly, summary of the voluminous Sweet Sixteen (JAMB recommended textbooks for 2019/2020). If you have been searching for the best JAMB CBT App, Flashlearners Jamb CBT App is one of the best ever. Click here to download and start enjoying Flashlearners Jamb CBT App.

Myschool JAMB CBT practice mobile App

Myschool JAMB CBT practice mobile App is owned by one of the most popular and prestigious education websites in Nigeria, If you have been searching for an app with fresh and authentic JAMB past questions, then this app is the best for you. Recently, Myschool launched a new version of their app. This means that the app is having more features now. According to my research, one of the striking things this app has is that, it gives users the opportunity to access latest education news in their JAMB CBT app.

Coupled with that, Myschool JAMB CBT practice mobile App allows users to ask educative questions using their apps. This makes it even more easier for JAMB candidates to network together. This app is indeed great. Click here to download Myschool JAMB CBT practice mobile App from Google play store.

MSGist JAMB CBT Practice App:

Totally free JAMB CBT app for Android phones

This list can’t be complete without MSGist JAMB CBT Practice App. It is a stupendous free/paid JAMB CBT app for Android phones that help JAMB candidates to prepare properly for JAMB UTME. MSGist JAMB CBT Practice App is own by the most popular education news website, It offers users about 11,700 JAMB questions.

This application has a feature called “School Finder“. Basically, it enables young students to find the best institution in Nigeria that suits them. It is apparently true. MSGist JAMB CBT Practice App is one of the best free/paid JAMB CBT app in Nigeria today. You can check out their app here!

Currentschoolnews JAMB CBT software for Android and PC:

If you have been searching for a good JAMB CBT app to install in your personal computer, Currentschoolnews JAMB CBT software for Android and PC is ideal for you. So far, this is the only JAMB CBT app that allows installation in a personal computer (PC). This alone should attest to the uniqueness and authenticity of this application.

Just like every other JAMB CBT app, Currentschoolnews JAMB CBT software for Android and PC gives its users the opportunity to access thousands of JAMB past questions and answers. More so, the app stays forever after one single activation. No doubt, Currentschoolnews JAMB CBT software for Android and PC is one of the best JAMB CBT apps in 2019. Click here to download this app for free. JAMB CBT App: JAMB CBT App is another classic JAMB CBT Application. The app is owned by (It is a website created with the sole purpose of disseminating education news and selling authentic JAMB CBT app to interested students). Having mentioned this app here, you need not to fear at all. Kindly visit them now and download their app for free.

As for its features, the app is just like the real JAMB examination. It has an inbuilt calculator, time regulator, allows users to take four subjects at a time etc. This app is superb. I have nothing else to say concerning JAMB CBT App. Kindly click here to download their app for free. Trust me; you will not regret it.


JAMB cbt app for laptop and mobile devices

Try JAMB CBT is an ideal JAMB CBT application for Android phones. This app is a 100% replica of the original JAMB CBT software. It tends to put its users in the same examination condition they will be in the day of their examination. Currently, the app has about 8,000 users all over Nigeria. So you don’t need to fear whether they are scam or not.

As a matter of fact, Try JAMB CBT has been confirmed by many students to be one of the best JAMB CBT applications for JAMB candidates. You can even download the app from Google Play store if you want. Alternatively, simply click here to download it directly from Google.

For me to have mentioned this application here, shows that it is really good. You can download it now and start practicing to pass your JAMB examination.

Totally free online JAMB CBT websites

If you are one of those who don’t have money to fully pay for any of the apps mentioned above, below are some of the best websites where you can practice JAMB online for free. Just click anyone of them, and start practicing online. Awajis Free Online Jamb CBT Practice platform is the best online JAMB practice site in Nigeria. You will not be asked to pay any money before getting all its features. It is totally free of charge. Click here to visit them now.

JAMBCBTTEST: It is also great for practice JAMB online. This website does everything the apps mentioned above can do. It allows users to combine subjects at once, use customized online calculator etc. If you really need a totally free online JAMB CBT website, JAMBCBTTEST is great for you. Click here to give them a try. Yes! offers you the chance to download their free/paid JAMB CBT app, or use their totally free online JAMB practice software. It is one of the best in this area. Simply click here to check out their site now. With you can practice WAEC, NECO, JAMB and post UTME examinations for free. You need not to activate it or pay purchase any pin. Just visit them now and start practicing.

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Yeah! There you have the best free JAMB CBT apps in 2019. Note that these app were not picked at random. They were confirmed to be the best after my research on the best JAMB CBT apps in Nigeria. Hope this article was helpful? Don’t forget to ask your questions and make your contributions in the comment section below this article.

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