Admission Given on JAMB CAPS But Not on School Portal : See Solution Here

This post is related to a recent one that we wrote earlier this week, Admission is Given on School Portal But Not on JAMB CAPS.” However, we were able to see solutions and Reasons as to why admission was given on the school portal and not JAMB caps then.

Nevertheless, Another problem candidates face as to admission is when Admission is given on JAMB Caps and Not on the School portal this time around.

A student once asked me if the school was supposed to give admission first or JAMB should give admission first. Concerning that, I’ve actually explained the processes of admission in one of my posts of whether school offer admission first or Jamb.

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As for the case of JAMB Giving you admission and not on School Website, let’s see what actually happened if JAMB CAPS has given you admission (and you’d already accepted that) but the school portal has not reflected/Confirmed your admission.

First and foremost, you need to know how school and JAMB work to give you admission. Below is a summary of how it works.

  1. Your school prepares the list of candidates they want to offer admission
  2. They should send that to JAMB
  3. JAMB then verifies the list to see if those candidates merit the admission
  4. Then, they upload that to CAPS for applicants to accept.
  5. Candidates can now print JAMB admission letter

Is JAMB Quicker than School to Upload List

Yes. Most schools will wait for JAMB to upload to CAPS and allow enough time for candidates to accept admissions before they will upload the same to their portals.

This approach is mostly used.

Hence, if you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry. Wait till your school is set to allow you to check the admission status on their postal.

In the meantime, you may love to read this guide, “What Candidates Should Do After JAMB Gives Admission on CAPS”

Sometimes, after a school has uploaded the list to the portal, you may still not find your name there. This is a different case.

In other words, JAMB has given you admission and the school has also uploaded an admission list for candidates to check on the portal. Others have seen theirs both at JAMB and school but you can’t see yours on the school’s portal.

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To resolve this issue, you will need to be patient awhile for ICT to complete uploading to the school portal (if they’ve not already).

If after rechecking for some days, the problem persists, kindly visit the school ICT or admission office to report this. They will find a solution to it.


Students frequently ask a serious question about this JAMB caps,  Anyways I have answered most of these questions to many of them and more is still coming. You can ask your own question today, just go to the comment box below and ask the question.

  1. My status is showing ” recommended” can I accept it
  2. My status is showing “recommended” what does it mean
  3. Mine is showing admission in progress..but before that, it showed proposed in the admission status, after clicking accept later showed records updated..but now all it shows is the admission in progress…
  4. Good evening sir, I have been admitted to AAU, but I checked on JAMB caps, but I’m still seeing not admitted…What do you think could be the problem, sir?
  5. my comment is as the person that comments earlier, abt the direct redirected me to the JAMB portal, but after entering the required information it opens the profile I did during the DE registration. just like you wrote on the admission checking the link, it asked for a year and registration number, but there is no 2017 there it stops at 2016.whats next now????????????????
  6. Hello sir, my JAMB admission status is blank what can I do sir
  7. Pls I have been offered admission by JAMB caps but the school have not offered me admission, what do I do, should I accept it or not
  8. my school list is actually not yet out but already with JAMB. And applicants from d school have started receiving and accepting admission. but for some time now when I check it shows ”NOT ADMITTED”, so I want to ask does it mean I was not offered admission by JAMB at all. or I have not been offered yet? thanks. the school is FUTMINNA
  9. I applied for elec-elect in crutech, but JAMB offered me Education n chemistry n I mistakenly accepted it, pls wat will I do, does it mean DAT I can’t go for elect-elect again
  10. Mine was proposed and I accepted pls tell me more abt it. I don’t understand cox it even brought my details nd also d school I put in for
  11. I can’t check it only show welcome
  12. I have been given admission by the school and I have also accepted in JAMB caps but up till now when I go to admission letter and click the print it says no data found.
  13. It is telling me invalid credentials even after doing as I was told. Is the problem with JAMB because I don’t understand
  14. sir pls I was admitted at AAU Ekpoma and my admission status is showing proposed and I accepted it … would that cause harm to me from getting admission??
  15. I checked JAMB caps through the link you gave me and it is blank,
    and I just paid my acceptance, what should I do?

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This is the solution we have to offer on Admission offered on JAMB caps and not given on the school portal. However, this happens to most candidates admitted this year. Either Jamb Offers admission only or Only School offers you admission.

I hope you’ve gotten a perfect solution here or you’re still confused, do not hesitate to drop your questions using the comment section below.

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  5. My cap is showing geology and not addmitted over three weeks but on school pending ND and I apply for geophysics on skul but on janb portal is geology.pls wat next

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