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Jamb 2021 Exam Date, Jamb Registration Form And Latest Jamb News Today. The Jamb 2021 Exam Date and release of Jamb form is finally being Decided. Jamb 2020 Registration began in January 2020 And Exam Date was April 11th, 2020. Jamb 2021 Registration would begin in December this year and the Jamb 2021 Exam would start from March 2021.

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How To Gain Admission With Jamb 2021/2022 No Matter What

Like I always say, many candidates fail to secure admission to.study their desired course. This is not always because they scored low in Jamb or are not connected; but because they don’t know how to gain admission by all means.

You can actually gain admission no matter your Jamb 2021 score. Do you want to know the reasons why you may not gain admission and how to overcome it? See it here.

Is It Jamb Or School That Offers Admission (Jamb Date)

This is one question that took me years to answer. To some, it is Jamb that gives admission. Others believe that it is school that offers admission. If I may ask you, is it the institutions or Jamb that offers admission? The answer is both.

The school to a large extent compiles the name of those they have admitted. Then send the names to Jamb to be upload in Jamb caps. Now, it is the duty of Jamb to offer admission letter to all admitted candidates. Jamb regulates the admission process.

How To Check Your Jamb 2021 Results

The Joint Admission and matriculation board releases result for those who write Jamb few days after the exam date. If you could not see your result online, you may want to check again. All you need to do is visit JAMB portal at www.JAMB.org.ng and log in with your username and password (which you used to create Jamb profile); then click on check result in your Jamb profile.

Jamb 2021 Admission Status

Jamb releases Admission lists. When you are finally admitted, you can then proceed to print your Jamb Admission letter. You can check your admission status both on Jamb caps and Jamb direct portal.

Read this now: How to check Jamb Admission status.

2021 Jamb Original result slip

The normal Jamb result that you print out from a computer is not what you use for clearance and scholarships application. After Jamb date, other activities also follows.

Your University or Polytechnic of choice will require Origin clearance during physical clearance. Usually, Jamb sells scratch cards to enable you print Original Jamb result.

Universities & Polytechnics That Accept Low Jamb scores

If you score very low in Jamb, it is not the end of life. Also, it doesn’t mean that you cannot gain admission to study your desired course. If the cut off mark for your school is too high, you can consider changing to schools that demand lower cut off.

Jamb change of course and institution form

It is true that Jamb has begun change of course and institution. For reasons best know to you, you may want to change your school and/or course of choice. Change of course form now takes time to expire.

Jamb To Release Results for Candidates with no result yet

If Jamb tells you that you didn’t sit for the exam or no result yet, then you are not alone. There are so many other persons in the same situation. Jamb releases results for those with no result yet.

Jamb Cut off Mark For Top Federal Universities in Nigeria

General cut off mark is a very important factor. It determines whether you will be accepted to participate in your school’s physical clearance.

It also enables you to differentiate your Jamb score with respect to the school you chose. Jamb releases official cut off mark few weeks after the exam.

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Jamb Will set Examination For those who have computer issues

Jamb sets new computer based examination for those who will miss the main exam because of technical issue. This is usually a separate date from the main Jamb examination.

Jamb 2021 Direct Entry Registration And Screening Date

JAMB 2021 DE: Jamb direct entry registration and screening will soon been announced and confirmed by the Joint Admission And Matriculation board. Jamb DE Form now comes out the same time with Jamb UTME.

2021 Jamb Timetable, Exam Center And Slip Reprint

Jamb will send examination centers and dates for 2021 utme applicants. Not everyone will write Jamb the same date and time. It will be divided into various sessions. You will get your date and time few days to the exam.

Requirements For Jamb Registration 2021

Documents Needed For Jamb:

i. You need to have personal e-mail address and mobile phone number.
ii. Use functional and valid personal e-mail address. The system would reject at the point of registration any already used e-mail address.
iii. Create your JAMB profile.
iv. Payment for JAMB’s E-PIN-registration and the recommended reading text is done at the banks and NIPOST. Banks have also agreed to make these services available at CBT centres and JAMB State Offices.
v. Visit any accredited CBT centre with your personal details, the profile and evidence of payment.
vi. The CBT centre or JAMB State Office, supplies, at no extra cost, the prescribed reading text and the CD containing:

a) e-brochure showing guidelines on admission detailing list of tertiary institutions and available programmes of study.
b) Syllabus (e-syllabus) for the examination.
c) Step by step guide on completion of the application form.
d) A video messages from the Registrar of JAMB and a demo on how to use eight (8) keys for UTME examination without mouse. (For candidates with little familiarity with Computers).
vii. Each Candidate is to complete the online application form by supplying the required details such as name, e-mail address, L.G.A., academic qualification, etc.
viii. At the CBT centre, Candidate’s ten fingers biometric and image will be captured and uploaded.
ix. O/L and/or A/L grades are to be provided by candidates. Candidates who are awaiting result should supply the result online as soon as the results are available on JAMB’s portal.
x. Each Candidate is to collect his e-slip at the end of registration as evidence of registration.

There will be no offline registration, as all the accredited CBT centres have been empowered for real life online registration.

  1. of registration.

There will be no offline registration, as all the accredited CBT centres have been empowered for real life online registration.

Note: No candidate should register at any centre other than the accredited CBT centre and JAMB State office. Any candidate who is registered outside approved centres will be identified and disqualified.

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When Is Jamb 2021/2022 Registration Closing Date [Deadline]

Since we don’t know the utme 2021 registration date, we can’t know when the form will close.

The deadline for the registration is not also available.

But what I know is that, as soon as it has been declared by the board, I will update this article with the date.

As soon as the utme form is out, it will close few weeks after it was released.

There is nothing like late registration in JAMB again, that was in the past.

The deadline can only be postponed if there is a cogent reason to postpone it.

Can I Change My Institution & Course After Registration

Yes, you can change your choice of institution after registration.

You can only change your choice of institution and course after the examination have finished.

You cannot change it, a day or some weeks after registration.

Just make sure you put the correct choice of institution and course.

Don’t choose a course in a institution where that course is not available or is not accredited.

All these things are very important if you want to gain admission in 2021.

Don’t choose unaccredited universities, college of education or polytechnics in Nigeria.

Can I Use The Jamb Profile Code Of Last Year

No, don’t use it to register in 2021.

You need to create a new JAMB profile code.

I will also advise you to use a new phone number to create the utme profile code for the registration.

But just make sure that the phone number you want to use is yours.

This is only for candidates that registered for JAMB in 2020 and want to use the same profile code to register for the utme 2021 exam.

It is very cheap and would only cost you fifty naira only (₦50), don’t ignore this please.

I will explain to you, how you will create the profile code.

In case you don’t know how to do it by yourself.

If you can do it by yourself, then no problem.
How Can I Create Email To Register For Jamb Exam 2021

Go to www.gmail.com to create your email address.

Just use gmail to create an email address.

I don’t really like other email providers, but gmail is the best if you want to register for JAMB.

You can either use the gmail application or go to their website, it is still the same.

Use your own phone number to create the gmail account, so that it will be safer than using another person’s number.

Using your number will make it easier for you to change password, secure your account, etcetera.

I won’t advise you to use aol, yandex, yahoo, etcetera for JAMB utme registration process.

JAMB 2021 Candidates Are To Get NIN

As Jamb 2021 registration begins, the Joint Admission and Matriculation board (JAMB) has announced that all candidates who wish to sit for Jamb 2021 should go and get NIN. NIN Stands for National Identification Number.

The reason to get Jamb National Identification Number (JAMB NIN) is to ensure the fingerprint/biometric and other details of a candidate are captured to check examination Malpractice.

You may be wondering, how do I apply for NIN for Jamb 2021 Registration and Examination? Check it out in the recommended article below..

RecommendedHow to get NIN for Jamb Registration

How To Gain Admission With Jamb 2021

Many candidates fail to secure admission to study their desired course. This is not always because they had low score in Jamb or are not connected; but because they are not guided on how to gain admission.

You can gain admission no matter your Jamb 2021 score. Some schools accept you even if you didn’t put them as a first or second choice in Jamb. Many Universities and Polytechnics accept low Jamb score. The Jamb CAPS market place has also started recommending Jambites for admission.

You have a very high chance of gaining admission in 2021. But how will you make good use of these admission opportunities if you are not properly guided?

I have compiled the reasons many candidates fail to gain admission and what they should do.

Note: No candidate should register at any centre other than the accredited CBT centre and JAMB State office. Any candidate who is registered outside approved centres will be identified and disqualified.


On the 2021 registration platform, Candidates are to note that their 1 choice can be a College of Education, University, Innovation Enterprise Institutes, Polytechnics/Monotechnics, NDA (Nigerian Defence Academy) or Nigeria Police Academy. You are also allowed to choose Universities as your first and second respectively. Whether Federal or State.


The registration fee for the 2021 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination or Direct Entry used to be Five Thousand Naira (₦5,000) only. FG has now reduced the price to #3,500. However, some banks and centres still charge extra.

Novel For Jamb 2021

What novels are we to use for Jamb 2021? Candidates are also, as usual, to pay Five Hundred Naira (₦500) only to obtain the reading text- “SWEET SIXTEEN” for UTME candidates and “The Last Days at Forcados High School” for Direct Entry Candidates.


In line with the Board’s regulated registration exercise, only the accredited Computer Based Test Centres and JAMB States and FCT Offices will be allowed to register candidates.

This is to avoid exploitation, offline registration, mismatch of candidates’ particulars and other registration-irregularities.

How To Register Jamb 2021

So many persons complain of mistakes after registering for Jamb 2021. At such, they run to and fro for the best way they can correct the mistakes they made.

It is better to be guided when you are yet to register than to be consoled when you have already registered.Click here to read how to register Jamb without mistakes.

What Is New About Jamb?

Jamb 2005 cannot be compared to Jamb 2017. Everything has changed about Jamb. The examination has successfully moved from the normal paper and pen method to Jamb CBT. There have been so many trends in the Jamb registration, examination and Original Jamb result slip printing.

Things you need at the JAMB cbt center

You will need some important documents and things at the JAMB cbt center to complete your registration.

These things are :

1. Your O level result : This can either be WAEC, neco, waec gce, neco gce, etcetera.
As far as it is an O level result, you can use it.
Never take any A level results like nabteb, Cambridge , etcetera.

2. Your Jamb 2021 e-pin and profile code : Make sure that you have these two important things with you.

3. Money : You will surely need money to pay for some things during the online registration .

4. Your personal email address and phone number : You need to have the email address and phone number with you .

5. Your NIN: You will use your national identification number for the registration when you get to the cbt center.

Banks That Sells Jamb EPin For Registration

The following banks in Nigeria have been given the order to be able to sell e-pins for registration to candidates who would like to register.

First City Monument Bank (FCMB)
JAIZ Bank.
SKYE Bank.

Please, also note that you can buy the e-pins from NIPOST.

So, if there is any NIPOST office nearest to you, go there and buy the pin.

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